What to Pack to Study In London

The level of consumption in the UK is relatively high, but some things are hard to buy, so we must be prepared before departure.

I will introduce my personal preparations from food to clothing and all aspects of departure, but don’t worry, as long as the money is enough, if you forget something, you can still buy it there. Don't bring too much heavy stuff, otherwise it will be tossed from the departure airport to London's dormitory.

The weather in the UK is relatively cold, even in the summer, you need to wear long sleeves, and an umbrella needs to be carried with you. In addition, personal chargers, conversion plugs, and phone cards need to be prepared in advance, otherwise it will affect personal life and contact.

Chinese seasonings and food can also be brought. In addition, you can also bring a few Chinese gifts for friends or classmates in London. I bought a panda doll. You should bring some common medicines to prevent yourself from getting sick and catching a cold. Britain's nights aren’t the darkest, so you can bring a blindfold to help you sleep and prevent jet lag.

Before you leave, you should learn a few dishes with your mother to help you solve the moment when you miss Chinese things occasionally.