Applying to SAF

What should I expect?


SAF takes the complexities out of the application process. Student Counselors prepare you for what is required on your application. Our application is completed via an online Student Portal and SAF is there to help. Our guidance is provided every step of the way.

Jingzi Zhou
“I was unsure of what to expect. There is a lot to do when thinking about study abroad. I'm so grateful to SAF for the support they gave me through the process. ”
Jingzi Zhou, Past SAF Student

Application Process

Step 1. Understand The Application Process & Requirements

It’s important you understand the application process in advance, along with the academic and language requirements of your program type. Admissions requirements and documents vary by program, and it's important for you to refer to the Program Page for specific requirements. Please check your preferred program and consult with an SAF Student Counsellor for guidance.

When you are ready, work with your SAF Student Counselor to submit your application form. 

Step 2. Prepare Your Documents For The SAF Portal

Usually, you will receive your login details for your SAF Student Portal within 3-5 days after completing the application form. There are several important documents you will then need to submit to the SAF Student Portal, including:

  • Home University Transcript
  • Letter of Recommendation - receive our expert guidance for soliciting letters of recommendation from your home university professors
  • Personal Statement - receive our expert guidance for writing a personal statement that maximizes your chance of admission
  • Bank Statement & Affidavit of Support from your Financial Sponsor
  • Evidence of meeting your program’s academic and language proficiency requirements 
  • Valid Passport
  • Four passport-sized photos

Depending on the university and program you apply to, you may also need to provide additional documents. Your US-based Program Specialist will communicate with you about any other documents you may need to supply.

Step 3. Submit Your Application

That's it. You have proof of your academic and language levels and you've gathered all your documents, you're ready to go!


Our Student Counselors help you on the first step on your amazing journey. They’re here to guide you through your application when you’re ready. The SAF application process will ask you to upload information about you, your qualifications, and the program you’d like to take.

When your SAF Application is ready and you’ve chosen your program and start date, a Program Specialist joins you on the next steps. Your Program Specialist checks you meet your chosen program’s language, academic, and GPA requirements. You will receive an email with all your SAF Student Portal login information. Required documents must be uploaded to the SAF Student Portal within 7 days of receiving your login information. The SAF Student Portal has your application information and status, so you can watch your application as it moves through the process.

Information Requests With Deadlines

There are some important things you need to do by certain deadlines, including:

  • Read the Deposit and Refund Policies
  • Complete the required application forms
  • Pay the program deposit or the application fee, whichever is applicable to your application. Find out more about paying your program fees.
  • Consider travel logistics: flights and visa applications

Next, our admissions team in the U.S. reviews and approves your documents on the SAF Student Portal. They will contact you if there’s a mistake in the application or you need to send more information.

Application Complete

This is the big moment! When you’ve completed the documents that are required for your application, you get a message telling you your status in the SAF Student Portal is now Application Complete.

Our admissions team has vetted your application and set you up for success! The team submits your application to your chosen university, and now you wait. Sometimes decisions arrive quickly and others take quite a while—this is a time for patience!

Admissions Decision

The SAF admissions team sends you an email about your acceptance as soon as we hear from your preferred host university. It is normal for this process to take 6-8 weeks after all of your required documents are uploaded to the SAF Student Portal.

You have 10 days to accept your offer by submitting the Confirmation of Acceptance form, which will be provided to you by your US-based Program Specialist. Other documents required to confirm your enrollment may have their own deadlines.

Most universities issue visa documents to accepted students—work with your Student Counselor at home for any visa questions or guidance.