Glasgow activities off the beaten path

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When you study at the University of Glasgow, you’ll find a vibrant and diverse city with many, many new people to meet. Get out there – talk to people, try new things, and explore the city's many hidden gems! The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the Riverside Museum, and the Glasgow Cathedral are the city’s big-hitters, but there’s so much more to explore.

Ask a friend on a Glasgow ghost walk

Definitely not something to do alone! Ask a classmate to join you on this different adventure around Glasgow. The city has a rich history and many stories of ghosts and hauntings, and a ghost walk will take you places you’re unlikely to go alone or in the day. Lots of super supernatural and plenty of stories to share when you get back to halls or outside lectures.

Play Board Games

Take a couple of your favorite games from home to play in halls, or hunt out one of the pubs and cafes in Glasgow that have a stack of board games you and your new classmates can play. With a lemonade, mocktail, or large pot of tea, you can spend a wonderful afternoon playing games and getting to know the people you’re studying with.

Attend a Poetry Slam

There’s a thriving poetry scene in Glasgow, with many venues offering poetry slams and open mic nights. You could almost go to a different poetry event every night of the week. Poetry slams are fun and welcoming – and what a way to hear new voices and meet other poetry enthusiasts.

Join a Circus Skills Class

Glasgow has many circus classes that take you on a journey into juggling, trapeze, and acrobatics – what a way to build your bank of party tricks! Glasgow’s circus classes move you from beginner to competent circus act, if you’re willing to put the time in. And when you spend that much time with people, learning, making mistakes and learning some more, friendship happens naturally.

Explore the Glasgow Mural Trail

Glasgow has a strong street art scene. You could take a guided tour or just follow the Glasgow Mural Trail to see some massively impressive murals and street art installations throughout the city. Share the experience with a classmate or two – it gives you something to talk about, which makes it much easier to find out about each other and share other stories, too.