Sending Universities

Provide your students instant access to opportunities for study abroad at over 65 universities and teaching centers in 22 countries.
500+ Study Abroad Opportunities

Immediately access study abroad programs across thousands of disciplines

Accelerate Your Internationalization

Gain access to a network to support internationalization capabilities

Customized Group Programming

Leverage access to our 30+ teaching centers and university consortium

Professional Development

Access PD and networking opportunities to transfer best practice

Access Decades of Experience

Access expertise ande experience in all facets of study abroad

Health & Safety Commitment

Minimize risks with world-leading safety & crisis management procedures

Host Universities
Map of World

Zhang Jinlei
“We have cooperated with SAF for many years so that our students have more opportunities to experience diverse cultures. ”
Zhang Jinlei, Dalian Maritime University

Receiving Universities

Promote your visiting student programs to over 150 universities across Asia.
Highly Qualified Applicants

We evaluate all applicants prior to submitting to your Admissions team

High Conversion Rate

Applicants are highly counseled and have a strong intention to convert

Articulation Assistance

Our staff assist applicants to convert your coursework to credit back home

Market Intelligence

Receive first-hand, up-to-date market intelligence from our teams in Asia

Program Promotion

Promote your programs through SAF's B2B and B2C channels across Asia

Travel & Trip Logistics

Work with our Asian offices to maximize the return on your market trips.

"Student health and safety is our number one concern"

There are a world of reasons why western institutions partner with SAF. Watch this video to find out more.  

Mark Pickering, UCL
“Our partnership with SAF has grown considerably and now embraces full-year, semester, summer, and English language. The growing number of institutions in SAF's university network and in-country connections have been invaluable in developing UCL's outreach in these countries.”
Mark Pickering, UCL

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