The quintessential university experience is to live in a dorm or, in the UK, halls. This is on-campus accommodation created specifically for the university's students to live, often in rooms for 2 or 3 people, though some have single rooms. While there are kitchens, most dorms provide meal plans.

Student Apartments

Student apartments are usually off campus but near to university. This is a place to build enduring friendships with your study abroad family. You might have a private bedroom or share with others, and, much like home, you cook your own meals in the apartment’s shared kitchen and share the bathrooms and living room.

Private Apartments

Usually near or easy to get to from the university, private apartments are shared by students, usually from the same university, but non-students might also live in the same building. You might have your own bedroom or share, and you cook in the shared kitchen, building friendships with your study abroad family.


To immerse fully in the culture, a homestay family is perfect. You live alongside the family, sharing life, meals, and conversation with them. Homestay families are usually no more than 40 minutes from university and are a delightful way to really throw yourself into the study abroad experience. 

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Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience, one that stays with you in your career, your contacts, your future. It can define you. At any of our prestigious university partners, you can build personalized for-credit programs that can last up to a whole year.

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