Before You Apply

Thinking about studying abroad? Now is the right time to seek a consultation with your expert SAF Student Counselor. Together, we'll work through:

  • The policies of your home university that may affect your study abroad experience, including the amount of credit you can transfer back to your home university's degree
  • The regulatory issues that relate to visas or travel for students coming from your country
  • The latest health and safety issues that may impact on your destination choice
  • The best university programs available to meet your goals and budget

Your consultation with your SAF Student Counselor may take several stages. It's important we get to know you! 

Schedule a Consultation

Pro-Tip: Apply for Your Passport Today

Getting your passport and visa is a crucial step for studying abroad, and the reality is that COVID-19 has delayed processing times. It can take a lot longer than normal to process a new passport and process your visa, so we recommend getting started early! 

Submitting Your Application

When the time is right, submit your application through our online Application Form. You’ll be connected with one of our US-based Program Specialists - our in-house expert on your program of choice - who will connect with you via email. 

Learn About The Admissions Process

Kei Watanabe
“Before studying abroad, I was at a stage where I was wondering whether to go to graduate school or get a job, so was important to collect information to decide the future direction of my life. Now that I have been abroad, I want you to study abroad and enjoy yourself to the fullest!”
Kei Watanabe, Past SAF Student

Receiving Your Results

Up To 8 Weeks After Applying

After submitting your application through our Student Portal, your documents will be managed by your Program Specialist based in the United States. Your Program Specialist will notify you of any further documents required before obtaining your admission results and will work with you on your next steps.

Admissions Results

Your admission is priority processed by our office in the United States, and your results are posted in your Student Portal once it is known to us. You’ll receive a notification when your result is ready to be downloaded.

Signing Your Agreement

If your admission is successful, we will finalize your SAF program fee payment and agreement with your signature.

Preparing For Departure

Up To Three Months After Application

With your admission sorted, it’s time to arrange your immigration and health documents. Working with your Program Specialist we’ll guide you through the process, before moving forward with your enrollment in classes and any pre-arrival test results still outstanding.


Before you enter your country of study, you will need to apply for a student visa. Our staff will guide you through the process and provide you with supporting documentation for the process.

Program Fee Payment

Students are required to submit the full program fee via bank transfer to the SAF Headquarters before visa approval.