Term Description
Academic Programs Academic programs are host university courses in which international students work alongside the host university students for credit they can apply to their home university course.
Academic Recommendation A letter of recommendation from a home university professor or teacher who knows the applicant’s academic abilities.
Academic Study Tour Programs SAF facilitates student groups across IES Abroad locations and our university consortium for customized, faculty-led programs.
Affidavit Of Support A one-page statement of support attached to the applicant’s bank statement to clarify financial information for the US university.
Certificate Of Completion A document SAF Scholars receive at the end of their study abroad experience to mark their efforts.
Certificate Of Deposit A bank statement to show SAF and US universities applicants have sufficient funds to pay for and support their study abroad and meet the visa requirement.
Certificate Programs Certificate programs are offered by extension schools that are part of the university and only available to international students.
Concurrent Programs Concurrent programs enable students to attend academic and language courses in the same term or semester.
Course Preference Form A two-page course preference form for the applicant to tell the university which classes they would like to take during the study abroad program.
Credit Courses Credit courses provide transcripts and grades that international students can transfer to their home university course.
Crisis Management Team The Crisis Management Team monitors global events and communicates with SAF Scholars and their families about potentially dangerous situations. They also support local response plans in an emergency.
Dean Of Students An SAF employee who works with SAF Scholars to address medical or disability concerns before arrival and support these issues during the program.
Emergency Travel Insurance Every SAF Scholar is enrolled in health insurance that saves them from incurring costly unforeseen medical. They also enroll in the SAF emergency management system, which provides timely and critical alerts in emergencies.
GDPR Consent Form Applicants to European universities must sign the GDPR consent form before applying. The GDPR consent form is a seven- to eight-page document.
GEM Specialists GEM stands for Global Enrollment Management. They manage the admissions process at SAF. They review, process, approve applications and contact applicants if their submissions need correcting or adding. 
High School Transcript Students applying for a study abroad program in their first year and unable to provide a college transcript submit a high school transcript. It details academic qualifications so the chosen university can determine if the student is capable of its programs' workload and academic rigors.
Housing Preferences SAF students can choose the type of housing that appeals most to them: homestay, on-campus halls/dorms, or off-campus apartments.
Immunizations Applicants must provide proof of vaccinations and submit test results when required. Each country and university has its requirements.
Insurance Fee The price SAF Scholars pay for insurance offered by SAF.
Internship Programs Internship programs offer students opportunities for professional internship placements to apply their learning in the real world.
Ivy League The American Ivy League is a group of eight colleges in the U.S. The term was first used in the 1930s, but the group began to gain recognition in 1955 when they started to identify themselves as the elite colleges in the country.
Language Pathway Programs Language pathway programs prepare students to work on academic coursework at the host university after passing the language component.
Language Standalone Programs Language standalone programs focus purely on language and have no bearing on academic courses.
Mailing Address Form So SAF Scholars can receive the correct paperwork; they complete the mailing address form using a permanent street address or a parent address. Not a university or dormitory address.
Non-Credit Courses Non-credit courses have no academic-grade value, so they cannot be transferred to a student’s home university.
Personal Statements/Portfolios Most universities require a personal statement/portfolio as part of the application. Each university has different requirements. A SAF Program Specialist can clarify.
Photo (Headshot Photo) Some universities use a formal photo for student ID, and SAF uses it to identify students.
Program Academic courses offered by partner institutions or IES Abroad Centers. It also applies to SAF Internship programs.
Program Specialist The primary SAF contact for SAF Scholars during their study-abroad program and the main contact between SAF and the host university.
Research Programs In research programs, working in partnership with host university faculty, our students enjoy participating in a dedicated research effort during the academic session.
Russell Group Since they came together as a body in 1994, the 24 British Russell Group universities have been world-class, research-intensive universities. They are unique institutions, each with its history and ethos, but they share some distinguishing characteristics.
SAF Application The paperwork students complete to apply for a place as a SAF student.
SAF Transcript Release The transcript release form gives SAF permission to order SAF Student transcripts after they finish your study abroad program.
Statement Of Purpose One of the deciding factors for admission to a program and university. Like a cover letter to a job application, the statement of purpose is a personal document that tells admissions officers if a student is a good fit for the course.
Student Counselor Many Student Counselors have returned from their study abroad experience and are now valuable ambassadors who support future cohorts.
Student Liaison Officer At non-US universities, the Student Liaison Officer, provides emergency support and guides SAF Scholars when they’re unsure of protocols.
Student Portal Gathers a student’s application information and status changes so they can watch their application as it progresses.
Summer Programs Summer programs are during summer sessions and tailored specifically for international students. Summer programs often include pre-arranged extra-curricular activities.
Supplemental Fee Additional costs that are not covered by the program fee. This might be housing fees, meal plan fees, room upgrades, or additional credit hours.
Supplementary Invoice The invoice that covers any supplemental fees. Supplement fees are not included in the main invoice.
Transcript Students receive an official transcript from the host university at the program's end so they can hand it to their home university for credit transfer.
University Transcript A one- to -two-page home university transcript details academic qualifications so the chosen university can determine if the student is capable of the workload and academic rigors of its programs.
Virtual Programs Virtual programming is a delivery style where students access global universities with SAF through the comfort of their home via internet-delivered content.
Visa Questionnaire This clarifies whether a student has the appropriate government-issued immigration document granted by a consulate general or embassy to enable them to study legally in their chosen destination.

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