How Fees Are Displayed On This Website 

When reviewing the fees displayed for programs on this website, you should note a few important details:

  • Fees displayed on this website are indicative only The final fee for your program will be presented to you by SAF prior to enrolment. Every university releases fee information at different times throughout the year, and although we try our best to present transparent and reliable information, we cannot always guarantee the accuracy of the information presented.
  • Fees displayed on this website include tuition, insurance, SAF services, and housingApplicants are always advised of their total program fee, including housing costs, before finalizing their program enrolment. Final fees may be higher than the advertised price.
  • Fees displayed on this website may be for the same term last yearWe do our best to provide a reliable indicator of your program fees so you can work towards a budget. If the program fee for an upcoming term is not yet available, SAF may instead display the program fee for the same term last year to give you a reliable indicator. Make sure you check with your Student Counselor what term the fee you are viewing is for. We find that fees may rise by 3-10% per year, depending on global and local economic conditions. 


Understanding Your Fees

SAF charges a comprehensive program fee that covers all fees relevant to your SAF program. These fees include your class tuition fees, compulsory host university fees, health and emergency travel insurance, SAF service inclusions, and your applicable housing arrangements.

The SAF program fee does not include living expenses, airfares, visa costs, textbooks, personal expenses, local transportation, local telecommunication, or additional optional inclusions. Typical optional inclusions are enrolment in additional credits, meals not required by your housing provider, or specialized housing arrangements you may request or be placed in at the discretion of your host university.


Tuition & Service Fees

Your Tuition & Service Fee is your investment in a premier study abroad experience. Alongside all compulsory tuition fees for a standard international student study load at your host university, the fee includes personalized guidance to find the best program for you, careful selection of your housing, and 24/7 student support to enjoy while abroad. Specifically, our Service Fees include:

Housing Fees

As part of SAF’s comprehensive support services, we select housing to provide our students with the best possible experience while studying at their host university. Cities and styles vary around the world, and your housing fee will include placement in one of the following housing styles:

  • On-campus student residence hall
  • University-managed apartments
  • Student-orientated off-campus apartment
  • Local homestay

Your Housing Fee may also incorporate access to a meal plan if required by your homestay or housing provider. To ensure you have the opportunity to live in secure and safe housing, Housing Fees are included in your Program Fee by default.


Insurance Fees

As a premier study abroad provider, student health and safety is our priority. We secure world-class insurance coverage for each individual on our programs to ensure you’re protected against the worst. Your SAF Insurance Fees will always include:

  • Comprehensive health insurance. This may be secured through your Host Universiy, or a trusted SAF provider.
  • Emergency travel insurance through a trusted SAF provider.

Contact your Student Counselor or Program Specialist should you have any questions about your SAF Program Fees.

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