The Complete Package

End-to-End Coordination

Care over every logistical element, minimizing burden on your institution

Local Know-How

Pre-departure support, visa resources, and local guidance

Quality, Vetted Housing

Quality student and faculty housing included and managed by SAF

Quality Academic Instruction

High-quality academic courses taught how and where you want by world-class...

24/7 Health & Safety Support

Comprehensive ealth, safety, and crisis management resources and support

Extracurricular Activities

Extensive internship and service learning opportunities available on-site

Customized Programs at IES Abroad Centers

IES Abroad maintains on-the-ground Teaching Centers and staff in more than 25 cities around the world. Your staff, faculty, and students are supported every step of the way, wherever they go. With immense flexibility, your institution can build a program to your specifications and deliver the total well-rounded package to your students. Whether you would like to build a program completely from scratch or need assistance with particular components of an existing program at your institution, we are here to support you and uphold your vision.

Commonly Asked Questions About Customized Programs

Ready To Get Started?

Complete our Customized Program Development Request Form to formally request a customized program proposal. Alternatively, connect with your local representative to learn more about the opportunities to host a program through SAF.