Introducing Our Summer 2019 SAF Scholar Correspondents

When it comes to study abroad stories and advice, who better to hear from than our students who are currently abroad, living out the experience in real time? That’s why we’re excited to have 10 SAF Scholar Correspondents sharing their writing, photography, and video with us in summer 2019.

Jingzi Zhou

I am a kind of discerning person who likes to make close observation of people especially those in more vulnerable groups. I have taken part in composition contests and Model United Nations conferences on this focus for several times and behaved quite well.

I participated enthusiastically in an international voluntary teaching program in Indonesia during this year’s winter break. since I have been to 12 countries and many domestic places so far, I am also experienced in travel, thus accumulating experiences of travelling and writing journals.

​UC Berkeley | Southeast University

Zhang Rui

I'm an outgoing girl. I like learning, challenges, and making friends. In my daily life, I like to go around and see different people and sights, feeling the culture of that place. I had an internship at Qyer, a traveling internet company, which operates a BBS for tourists.

University of California, Los Angeles | Xiamen University

Jie Pan

I am a person who likes to record life and has a pair of eyes that can find beauty. I am passionate about life, especially enjoy visiting beautiful scenery and tasting different kinds of food. I also have a positive heart, and I am full of freshness for everything new.​

SOAS University of London | Northeast Normal University

Xinrun Li

I am a sophomore from Dalian University of Technology. My major is Chinese Language and Literature. I am interested in English learning and study very hard on improving my English. Besides that, I go for writing and photography, while I have acquired basic knowledge of these skills both in theory and in practice.​

University College London | Dalian University of Techonology

Xiaozhu Zhou

​​I am a 19-year-old girl who wants to be a director or a filmmaker in the future. I'm a year one student who is currently studying at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University. I love traveling, making new friends, boxing, and playing soccer. I love everything about films, storytelling, acting, camera angles and colors, which I believe are the most fabulous things in life.

University of California, Los Angeles | Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Miyoko Hashimoto

I’m interested in art and graphic design, so I decided to go to London. Now I’m learning about graphic design and photography by myself.

​University of the Arts, London | Tokyo Woman's Christian University

Moonkyu Park

I'm a positive person. I act with a positive smile on everything. I'm a passionate person. I do my best with a sense of responsibility.

​California State University, San Marcos | Myongi University

Jiaxin Huang

I am a sophomore from the University of Electronic and Technology of China. I am not very good at photographing, but I am happy to share my first study abroad experience with others. Once, on behalf of UESTC, I attended the English Public Speaking Competition. I am an outgoing girl and have talent in communicating with others.

UC Berkeley | University of Electronic Science  Technology

Yizixuan Yuan

I am fairly outgoing and nice, and I always get along well with others. I love music, photography, and making films. I am a member of the university's art association and student film and television union. I did a part-time job for a year in Suzhou New Oriental after graduation from high school.

University of California, Lost Angeles | Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University

Li Han

I am a student who majors in industrial design. As a designer, i am good at logical thinking and visual showing to others. I am able to show my ideas properly.

UC Berkeley | China University of Mining  Technology