What I Learned in 82 Days in LA and Why You Should Know

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I did my exchange in UCLA for the fall quarter and what a time it was! I studied two higher level English courses to fulfill my requirements as an English major and took two music history courses (History of Rock and History of Electronic Dance Music) as electives. All of them were so much fun as the professors were very passionate and brought life into each subject, not to mention, these courses aren’t easily available elsewhere.

I also made many new local friends, having joined a campus dance team, and traveled with them to compete in regional competitions. Most of my time was dedicated to training with them, thus I got to know them pretty well and forge memories to last a lifetime. 

Travelling around the West Coast was pretty easy by bus, which I did before and after the quarter ended. There’s so much to see: the breathtaking beaches and cliffs in San Diego, the thrift shops and arts scene in San Francisco, The Strip in Vegas. It was all so much fun.

Going on exchange is definitely a precious opportunity, one that is much more than going to an overseas school. You’ll learn about other cultures, practices, and most importantly, about yourself. You’ll be motivated to grow as a person, and you’ll learn to open your heart to things you did not already understand, if you’re willing to step out of your comfort zone.

~ From an SAF Student Correspondent