Top 3 Things I Learned at UCLA

This is a leaving entry I wrote on my plane back to China, after my summer session at UCLA. There are so many things I want to talk about. In general, this has been a great study abroad experience.

First, classes are really intense. Even if it's just a summer session, UCLA requires that you understand what they always teach during normal quarters. Professors all have different habits, but they are all concerned about you. They all have multiple office hours. You may go and ask them questions during their office hours. You may also email them your questions even if it’s not their office hours. During classes, you may ask questions as long as there are some things you don’t understand. Professors always clarify them for you. One thing you should know is the syllabus is always the most important for every class. It has all the important information you need and all the important deadlines you need.

Second, life at UCLA is super convenient. Although it’s a summer session, you can also enjoy the fantastic dining service. During normal semesters, UCLA has nine open cafeterias serving food from all over the world. There is also a fantastic gym which is open 24 hours a day during the week. Swimming pools are also available. Housing buildings are also comfortable. There is a study hall in our building, and also a study lounge, on every floor, which is bright and perfect for self study.

Third, US students are welcoming and kind. They really helped me a lot during my stay in the United States. Whenever I have questions about classes or exams, they always answer my questions patiently, and give me as many details as possible.

I’m totally looking forward to going back again!


~ From an SAF Student Correspondent