My Reflections on an Unforgettable Summer

This summer, I applied for a six-week academic program at UCLA Summer Session C. During this period, I completed eight credits, including four credits of principles of accounting (ii) and finance. What I have learned most from this academic project is the difference between China and Western countries from various aspects, including study and life.

As for academic study, our relations with the professor are more equal. Professors will pay special attention to the whole class and patiently answer questions from each student. The local students are always active. Although it is only a six-week course, the content is the same as those in one semester. There are many personal and group assignments. Teamwork is also very common.

I wanted to exercise communication skills and joined a group of native English speakers. During the process, you can find everyone involved in this assignment. I also engaged in the whole process and helped to revise our work. Most of all, I really appreciated my team members for helping me polish up my part of the paper. As for the result, I got As in two classes!

During this period, I met a Japanese girl who attended the same class with me and established a profound friendship. We went to Disneyland together. In addition, I went on a three-day trip to San Francisco, the financial center of California, where the city was very busy. There were homeless people along the road and rainbow flags, all of which are part of the culture of San Francisco.

In the fifth week, I was especially homesick. So I made a DIY hotpot with my roommates and took a taxi to the night market near Chinatown to eat BBQ and feel the taste of my hometown. Our American friends tried our hot pot and praised it a lot. Some feelings are the same around the world.

I felt that this exchange was very meaningful to me. This was the first time I went out of the country and went to a strange country alone. I lived alone for a month and a half, but I lived a very fulfilling life every day. On the one hand, I had a very compact academic schedule. On the other hand, many differences in life forced me to quickly respond and adapt to them.

I miss the experience so much. I have been back for one month. Nowadays, I am working on the application for a graduate program. I hope that I can remember these days at UCLA which made my life different!