Great clubs and societies for international students in southeastern USA

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Enrolling at an American university to study abroad is a big thing – and an incredibly exciting opportunity! Some of the best things about the experience — meeting new people, forging new friendships, and becoming part of a community — are even better when you join clubs and societies.

Whether it’s a sport you’ve always played or a new challenge, getting involved in student-run clubs is a great chance to network, learn more about yourself, and have a heap of fun. Here are some classic and quirky societies that SAF Alum of southeastern US colleges have enjoyed.

At University of Mississippi, you could join The Ole Miss Daily Mississippian — the student-run newspaper to get into all parts of the publishing process, from research to reporting, writing, editing, and layout. Or you could get involved in the Yearbook team. If you enjoy organizing, the Ole Miss Student Activities Association leads on concerts, arranges visiting speakers, and puts on festivals.

If you’re after something a little more unique, the Ole Miss Ghost Hunters Society comes together to investigate paranormal activity on campus. Or you could join the Beard and Mustache Club, which is for both male and female students who appreciate facial hair, or try the Yo-Yo Club, which has a full calendar of tournaments and workshops.

At the University of Arkansas, you’ll have some tasty, taxing, weird, and wonderful social societies to choose from. Whether you’re a rising connoisseur in the Cheese Club — dedicated to the appreciation of all cheese — or want to be part of the Adventure Club’s thrill-seeking commitment to the great outdoors, you’ll find a society that suits you.

There’s also the Zombie Defense Corp, a club dedicated to preparing for a hypothetical zombie apocalypse. Members practice survival skills, first aid, and wilderness survival, and discuss tactics for dealing with a zombie outbreak.

And at Vanderbilt University, you have some brilliant society traditions and new emerging favorites. As a university big on inclusivity, it has the Vanderbilt Feminists, a society that promotes gender equality through education, activism, and community outreach, and the Vanderbilt Rainbow Connection, a safe and welcoming space and supportive community for LGBTQ+ students and allies.

For something a little more kooky, maybe join the Circus Club, Vanderbilt Smash Club (if you play Super Smash Bros, the popular video game series), or the Scuba Diving Club, which organizes trips to local dive sites and field trips further afield.

Each of these universities also has an International Student Association — a great space for you to connect with others to share stories, embark on language exchanges, or just chat about home.