Discover the wonders of fall in western USA


When fall hits the USA’s west coast, the colors across the vast landscape are remarkable, from the surf of California’s UCLA to the tree-lined University of California, Berkeley and the rugged beauty and riverways around University of Colorado, Boulder and University of Oregon in Eugene. Summer may be the go-to season for fun and exploration, but there’s plenty to be said for what comes after.

Many people consider fall to be the region’s best season. With beautiful scenery, fewer crowds, and unique cultural events, it’s clear to see why. Here’s a short breakdown of what you can look forward to:

Mild Weather

With fall comes cooler weather, but it’s not cold enough to be uncomfortable. Whether you’re exploring the great outdoors, hiking and camping, or just taking a stroll, fall hits the sweet spot (more often than not) temperature wise. Crisp but bright!

Beautiful Scenery

Fall is renowned for its stunning colors, and these really come into their own in western USA. In cities and sprawling woods, foliage of rich reds, oranges, and yellows make the landscape all the more scenic. Time to get outdoors and into the breathtaking natural beauty.

Fewer Crowds

Fall is the off-season for many tourist destinations in the western US, which means fewer crowds and shorter lines at popular attractions. This can mean you get a more relaxing and leisurely break from your studies.

Harvest Festivals

Fall is the perfect time to experience local harvest festivals and events, as communities come together for apple picking, pumpkin patches, and wine tasting. Immerse yourself in local cuisine and fine wines with locals while getting to know the unique cultural traditions of the west.

Holiday Season

From Thanksgiving to Halloween, fall is the US holiday season and a wonderful time for international students. This is your chance to try traditional foods, participate in family celebrations with local classmates, and share time with your new friends.

Career Boosters

Not unique to the West Coast but certainly something to be aware of during fall, organizations tend to recruit heavily for internships and job openings during this time. By getting involved, you’ll gain invaluable experience during your study abroad adventure.