My First Few Days at UCLA

Arriving in Los Angeles

​I arrived in Los Angeles on August the 6th, and with the help from SAF,  I got to school without any difficulty. I was really impressed by how beautiful UCLA is and how passionate and helpful everybody is. Fortunately, I got two American roommates which really helps me get to know more about American life. They are also really hospitable and kind. I’m invited to one of my roommate's birthday parties which will be on August the 24th.


Presenting to the Class

Classes are also cool. As requested, I signed up for two classes. Each class has a syllabus from which we can clearly see what we are learning and what we’ll get by the end of the class. You also have a clear deadline, which helps you plan your days at UCLA well. The professors are so kind. They just don’t care about how your English is and whether your answer is correct or not. The only thing they care about is if you are fully participating in the class. But of course, during exams, answers matter. And the professors will explain everything clearly and patiently.

Once I went up to the front of the class to present how a problem is solved. It was kind of an easy one, but my English is just not good enough for me to present fluently. The classmates just waited for me to finish my presentation patiently and even applauded me after finishing. It’s just so warm.


Eating at the Cafeteria

Cafeterias are also good. They change the menu every day. The workers there are so kind and the words on their shirts are impressive, ‘Good Food. Good Time. Good Life’, which cannot be felt in China. But don’t expect too much of American food; Chinese cook the best food.


Moving Into the Dorms

​Dorms are just so comfortable that I felt like I’m living in a five-star hotel. The housekeepers are so hard-working and polite that you just feel like you are home. Now, I just hope 2017 UCLA Summer Session C never ends.


~ From an SAF Student Correspondent