IES Abroad Milan Full-Time Semester Internship Program

Delivery Method:
Single Term

If you go to college/university in the United States and are interested in this program, check it out on the IES Abroad website—designed for students like you looking to study or intern abroad outside of the United States.

Your Internship

Come to the fashion and business capital of Italy and explore the range of internship opportunities that await. Spend the semester helping run an art gallery, in public relations for an international fashion house, or in one of our placements in e-commerce, luxury companies, music, and more. Our program guarantees an unpaid, for-credit, semester-length internship of at least 25 hours per week in the field of your choice. 

Individual Internship Advising

We help you to fine-tune your résumé and perfect your cover letter.

Personalized Placements

We help you find a placement that aligns with your goals.

Survival Italian Language Course

Take a non-credit bearing Survival Italian Language course.

Travel Throughout Italy

Join IES Abroad field trips to locations around Italy.

Spring 2025 Internship
Internship Dates
January 20 - May 10
Application Deadline:

Internship Program Advisor

Student Counselor SAFFY
Your Student Counselor is your study abroad ambassador and supporter. They join your application journey when you’ve confirmed you’re interested in studying abroad. At this point, they guide you through each stage of the application, notify you of the documents you need, let you know when your admission results are in, and walk you through the next steps, including class enrollment and organizing pre-arrival tests.
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At a Glance

Primary Spoken Language
English, Italian
Language Prerequisite Level:
GPA Requirements:
Academic Level:
Apartment, Homestay, Residence Hall
Visa Required:
3 per Semester

Stay Healthy & Safe While You Study Abroad

Jihoo Yang

Learn more about Yonsei University student, Jihoo Yang, and her internship experience in Milan. 

About IES Abroad Milan Center

The IES Abroad Center in Milan is in the stylish heart of the city, surrounded by historic treasures, hidden gardens and a multitude of shops, restaurants, and sunny café terraces. Study in multimedia classrooms and work in state-of-the-art computer labs using the digital photo and video editing suites. A short walk away is the majestic Duomo cathedral and Leonardo da Vinci’s “Last Supper” masterpiece.


While your priority may be gaining professional experience, we also know how important it is to build community where you can reflect and learn about the work world with other students. That's why--during your semester--we offer placements in a wide range of disciplines, and a supplemental required 3-credit seminar.  

Before you go, we work with you to fine-tune your résumé, perfect your cover letter, and hone your communication and interview skills as we prepare you for working in a new cultural environment. You’ll be guaranteed a placement at a local business or organization that fits your professional interests.

To supplement the real-life work experience you'll receive during your internship, you will also participate in a required 3-credit internship seminar. You should work with your current college or university to learn about how this credit will transfer back to your school. 

Placement Examples

tourists visiting an art museum in Rome
a business student walking in Milan
a studio audience behind a camera in Milan
Media & Communication
student teaching on a summer internship program
dresses on mannequins at the school of fashion in Rome

Get To Know Our Application Process

From academics to visa requirements, our structured process helps you choose the right program and university for your goals. Complete a strong application, and prepare for success abroad.

Personalize Your Study Abroad Plan With Your SAF Counselor

Each student has unique academic goals for a study abroad experience. As you think about studying abroad, your SAF Counselor will help you plan for success and support you every step of the way.


While working in Milan, you’ll also enroll in a required 3-credit internship seminar with other IES interns, where you’ll gain context for your internship placement by examining cultural issues in and out of the workplace. 

Topics covered include understanding workplace culture, improving communication, developing soft skills like flexibility and problem-solving, and navigating issues, challenges, and opportunities so you can succeed on the job in Milan and when you return home.

Survival Italian Language Course 

In your first few weeks in Milan, you'll have the opportunity to participate in a Survival Italian Language course in order to learn some basic Italian that will help you navigate the city and your workplace. This 15-hour Survival Italian Language course will be optional and does not carry any credit. 

NOTE: This is a list of planned course offerings. After you are accepted, you will see a list of final course offerings in your  account. Additionally, SAF and IES Abroad reserve the right to cancel a course due to insufficient enrollment or circumstances beyond our control.

IES Abroad Courses

Disciplines (2)

Internship Seminar (1)

Course name Term Language Credits
IN 395 - Internship Seminar Fall, Spring English 3

Application Requirements

When applying to study abroad, you must meet the entry requirements of the program—and SAF is here to set you up for success.

The requirements outlined in this section include the language proficiency scores you may need to demonstrate your language skills, a guide to the GPA range and other academic prerequisites required by the program, and a list of documentation and other application materials you will need to finalize your application. You will need to supply additional information throughout the process, and our helpful team will alert you via email or your MyIESAbroad Student Portal whenever this is necessary.
  • Language Proficiency
  • Academics & GPA
  • Application Documents & Materials

Language Test Score Requirements

To prove your language proficiency, you can use any of the following:

  • IELTS: 6.5
  • TOEFL iBT: 79
  • TOEFL pBT: 548
  • Duolingo (DET): 105
  • iTEP: 4.0

Learn More About Language Requirements

Program Dates

When studying abroad, you will want to consider the time of year and how long you are away. Most programs follow the host university's academic calendar.

The dates shown below are general estimates, and as you get closer to the start of the term, you will get more detailed information from SAF. If you have any questions, your Student Counsellor and Program Specialist are always here to support you and point you to the correct information.

Fall 2024 Internship

Internship Dates
Late August - Early December
Application Deadline:
Fees Starting From:

Spring 2025 Internship

Internship Dates
January 20 - May 10
Application Deadline:


  • Apartment
  • Homestay
  • Residence Hall


Share a furnished apartment located in a safe and lively district with three to six IES Abroad students. Located on main public transportation routes, apartments are within a 40-minute commute to the Center, and each apartment offers fully equipped kitchens, Internet access, a dishwasher, and a washing machine. These apartments are single-sex, and you generally share a bedroom with another student. Single rooms in an apartment carry an additional cost. Apartment life is often enhanced by a live-in Italian roommate called a Community Assistant (CA). These Assistants can help you improve your Italian language skills, get to know the city of Milan, and integrate more fully into the local culture. Meals are not included, so you normally eat lunch at a local café or a university cafeteria, and prepare your own breakfast and dinner at home.

About Milan

Milan Center 2

Milan, the fashion capital of Europe, mixes an Italian passion for the modern and exciting with a respect for its ancient ruins and historic buildings. When you’re not busy studying in the IES Abroad Milan Center and exploring the city’s many cultural highlights, venture to the Alps and emerald lakes for picture-postcard views and make memories with friends to last a lifetime. 

Learn more about Milan

The Student Experience

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Field Trips

Even though your adventure starts in Milan, our field trips take you beyond the city to discover the culture and traditions of your host country. All trips are included in the program fee unless otherwise noted with ($).

NOTE: IES Abroad field trip destinations, activities, and lengths of stay may vary according to term and availability. 

Students eat pizza in Italy

Luxury Cars & Food of Italy

1 Day Fall & Spring

Learn what's behind these two cornerstones of the Italian economy. How did Enzo Ferrari build such iconic sports cars and balsamic vinegar become a World-renowned delicacy? You'll find out from the source!

View from the window of the Museo Nzionale della Montagne


1 Day Fall & Spring

Experience the city of cinema, royal palaces, and chocolate. Once the capital of Italy, Turin is a refined, elegant metropolitan city of great historical interest, with a touch of contemporary, cosmopolitan buzz. Explore its baroque architecture and some of the best hidden treasures, including a stop at a historic chocolate factory.

A student stands in front of Lake Maggiore

Lake Maggiore

1 Day Fall & Summer

Visit the charming city of Stresa on Lago Maggiore. Get the full scenic tour on a private boat that will take you to see the three marvelous Borromean Islands, along with their museums and botanical gardens, situated in the heart of the lake.

Cinque Terre cliffside in Italy

Cinque Terre

1 Day Fall & Summer

Get inspired while hiking the trails of this UNESCO World-Heritage site and visiting its picturesque towns overlooking the Mediterranean sea. If that wasn't enough, you'll also get to enjoy a boat tour to see the colorful villages from the sea.

A group of diverse students smiling at the camera atop a balcony in Verona.


1 Day Fall & Spring

Take a trip to the Veneto region to see the famous location of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, also known as the "City of Love."

Student Health & Safety

We champion health, safety, and security. As part of IES Abroad, the largest study abroad organization in the United States, we have set the standard for health and safety in study abroad for decades. We plan for the ‘what if’, so you can get on with the experience of a lifetime.
International Health Insurance

International health insurance included in the cost of your program

24/7 Emergency Phone Support

Total coverage to support you while traveling and in your new city

Location-Specific Information

Health and safety information prepared based on your destination

Health In Your Language

Highly trained multilingual staff to connect you to healthcare providers

Secure Housing

Quality, safe, secure housing within close proximity to your classes

Dedicated Expertise

Protection by a Dean of Students Office advocating for your interests

Before You Leave

Your study abroad experience starts well before you travel. We talk through your program choices, guide you through application, and support your preparations for leaving

On Arrival

We’re by your side from the moment you arrive, for campus orientation, getting you to your accommodation, and helping settle

Home Sweet Home

We transfer you from the airport to your university campus or nearby accommodation and help you settle in

Settling In

Talk to SAF Staff on the ground whenever you need support. Living in another country can be disorientating – we have the answers you need

Find Your Way Around

Where to shop, what to eat, how to see a doctor or a dentist, which bus or train to catch – ask us. We’re your friendly locals

Keeping You Safe

We enroll you in the SAF emergency alert system, so you hear safety concerns relevant to you

In the Classroom

The IES Abroad Center has classroom, computer labs, and academic facilities to support your coursework and academic development

Get Social

We arrange social and cultural events, so you meet other international SAF Scholars and local students

Advising and Support

The process of studying abroad could quickly feel overwhelming, but we have been doing this for decades and do everything we can to support you through it. 

Many SAF staff are alumni and have walked this path. They have real-life experience to draw on as they advise and support you through every step of our comprehensive services. They’re in your corner, taking care of all the details and explaining what you need to do next.

Take the first step in your study abroad journey by scheduling a consultation with your closest Student Counselor. You can discuss your for-credit academic courses and language programs and explore internships, research programs, and study tours. When you know what you want to do, we guide you through the pre-program steps, help you arrange your visa and transport, and finalize your accommodation or digital experience.

Get To Know Our Application Process

From academics to visa requirements, our structured process helps you choose the right program and university for your goals. Complete a strong application, and prepare for success abroad.

Personalize Your Study Abroad Plan With Your SAF Counselor

Each student has unique academic goals for a study abroad experience. As you think about studying abroad, your SAF Counselor will help you plan for success and support you every step of the way.

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Studying abroad is an unforgettable experience, one that stays with you in your career, your contacts, your future. It can define you. At any of our prestigious university partners, you can build personalized for-credit programs that can last up to a whole year.

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