Spring Has Sprung: Reasons to Love the Newest Season

Out with the cold and in with spring, winter is officially behind us. While idyllic snowfalls and cozy sweaters can be fun, the cold gets exhausting, and spring brings a much needed change. Here are four reasons why you should get behind the second season of the year if you aren’t completely sold on spring yet.

Wardrobe changes

Wardrobe Changes.jpg


If you’re a fashionista, you already understand the difficulties of dressing for winter. You need to stay warm which means layers and bulky coats. With spring, you have an opportunity to switch up your wardrobe.

The warmer weather says goodbye to the extra layers and hello to brighter colors and light jackets. If you don’t care as much about your aesthetic, spring at least brings the opportunity to brave the outdoors in only a sweatshirt and tennis shoes. No more boots to counteract the slush and snow piles.

Longer days

Longer Days.jpg


Winter is dark and cold, but in spring the days stretch longer due to the changing orientation of the Earth’s axis relative to the sun. Those added hours of sunlight can make all the difference for energy levels and outdoor fun. You don’t have to be inside early to counteract the dark nights anymore!

All the vitamin D the sun transmits will leave you feeling energetic and generally happier. Use it as an opportunity to finally explore an area of town you’ve been putting off because the cold made you lethargic, or perhaps you want to use it to enjoy some public parks. Either way, coming out of work or school to see the sun still shining bright will instantly give you a mood boost.

Perfect temperature

Perfect Temperature.jpg


Winter is too cold, and summer can get too hot, but spring is just perfect. You get to enjoy the sun and longer days without the added heat that can bring you to a sweat. Use this cooler weather to enjoy active outdoor activities that might become strenuous during the summer, or even just use it to enjoy your expansive jacket collection. The breezy, neutral spring weather is where it’s at.

Not to mention, this perfect temperature allows for opening the windows to let the fresh air in! With the plants budding, animals coming out of hibernation, and the sun shining, the air feels alive with energy. Take a deep breath and enjoy the new weather!

Rain showers bring flowers

Rain Showers Bring Flowers.jpg


Potentially rainy weather might not sound like fun, but the rain spring brings just means new life is growing. By May you will see the colorful fresh growth the rain ushered in. This weather also offers opportunities to have fun indoors while listening to the soothing soundtrack of raindrops outside your window.

The world under the dew of rain looks vibrant and picturesque. Post up in a coffee shop to get some work done or hang out with friends, but the rain is just another reason to love the new opportunities spring brings with it.

There are plenty of reasons to love spring, even if you just consider it the steppingstone to summer. Think we didn’t catch all the reasons to love the newest season? Shoot us a message telling us why you love spring!