Jihoo Yang Interns in Milan with IES Abroad

When Jihoo, a student at Yonsei University in South Korea, arrived for her internship in Milan, she hit the ground running. From day one as a market research intern, she pored over data to evaluate the EV market evolution in southern Europe and really impressed her employer with her tenacious work ethic.

Before she arrived, Jihoo spoke at length with her IES Abroad internships mentor, Marta, so SAF and IES Abroad could tailor an experience that would meet Jihoo’s expectations and interests. Marta explored Milan’s internship opportunities to find the perfect match, then, when Jihoo arrived, Marta helped her settle in, find her way around, and really understand the Milanese culture.

Getting the true Italian experience, Jihoo lives about 15 minutes from the office, so on her commute, she stops for a croissant. She takes an hour’s lunch every day, and, like all Milanese workers, she joins her friends, colleagues, and other IES Abroad interns for an aperitivo after work, to finish the day right. On Fridays, she can choose to either work remotely at home or travel to the office, preparing her even further for an excellent career after graduation.