Theatre Nights In London and Challenges I Met

It is well-acknowledged that the British generally have shown great interests in going to the theatre on a regular basis. From award-winning musicals, cutting-edge plays to classic productions, West End Shows are famous for their amazing and sensational performances. Therefore, several musicals nearby were included in my list of must-sees in London.  

The best choice I’d ever made was to watch a Broadway musical comedy, The Book of Mormon, made by South Park creators, which was the winner of four 2014 Olivier awards including Best New Musicals. The Book of Mormon allowed me to completely immerse myself into it, since the musical had well-organized plots, contained profound meanings, and was performed by brilliant performers with a great sense of humor.  

By being exposed to such an environment with well-developed art and literature, I was somehow inspired and was more willing to learn further expertise of musicals. From my perspective, those meaningful intercultural experiences enabled me to enrich my extra-curricular life to leave more vivid and indelible impressions on myself.  

Moreover, what should be equally worth sharing were my unique academic learning experiences gained in class. In the process of doing research, our group was supposed to accomplish a report consisting of several parts, and an essential section of that report was methodology, which implied there had to be someone who with critical thinking ability can accurately justify and evaluate our overall approach to the research. Though I normally lacked the practice of thinking critically, I was assigned to embark on the methodology part. And then, as expected, I encountered numerous obstacles due to some obscure definitions I was not familiar with, which upset me. However, I strongly dedicated myself to that process and put much effort into addressing important issues of our report, which finally generated my passion in critical thinking practice.  

In my opinion, that challenge I confronted also functioned as a crucial role in improving my professional skills, such as listening, presenting my ideas, persuasion, self-monitoring, and team working. As a result, I was able to absorb a whole lot knowledge from the report we accomplished, and reap the maximum benefits.