Start shaping your career with University of Bristol’s Biomedical Lab Program this summer

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SAF is excited to present a unique study abroad opportunity for summer 2024 – the Summer Academic Biomedical Lab Program at the University of Bristol

Recognized as one of the UK's leading research institutions, the University of Bristol offers an engaging environment for students passionate about laboratory research. In response to student demands, SAF has collaborated with this esteemed British university to offer a summer program that provides invaluable laboratory experience, crucial for students aiming to enhance their practical lab and research skills during their study abroad adventure. 


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The Summer Academic Biomedical Lab program grants international students access to the University of Bristol's state-of-the-art lab facilities, equipping them with a competitive advantage for future graduate school applications. Participants will immerse themselves in hands-on lab work, gaining direct experience in a world-class research setting.

Beyond the labs, the University of Bristol campus itself is a fusion of history and modernity, nestled in the heart of Bristol. This vibrant city, located near the British western coast, is known for its dynamic cultural scene, fueled by numerous startups and youthful energy. Bristol boasts a rich array of cultural attractions – such as a picturesque harbourside area and lively music and arts scene – that is similar to nearby London, but without the drawbacks of a large metropolis. 

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That’s why University of Bristol is truly one of Britain's hidden gems for international students. It combines the appeal of a historic, visually stunning campus with the vibrant, culturally rich setting of Bristol – a perfect blend for a fulfilling and unique study abroad experience.