Five ways to make new friends in Bristol

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When you study abroad at University of Bristol, you’re always a short walk from the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol Museum and Art Gallery, and the ss Great Britain, but this is one of the most exciting cities in the UK. It’s a popular choice for top British students and is well known for its creative flair and intriguing things to do – just be ready for the hills!

1. Join the parkour society

If hills don’t worry you and you enjoy exploring energetically, the University of Bristol has a parkour society that teaches you how to move through the urban environment using acrobatic and gymnastic techniques. It's a unique and physically challenging way to meet new people and stay active – and it’s an impressive way to move around Bristol.

2. Wednesday on the Downs

Wednesday is sports day. Every week of the term. The Downs is a huge open space at the top of Clifton and near a couple of UoB’s residential halls, and every Wednesday, students head up in their uni colors to play soccer, quidditch, frisbee, cricket, and all manner of participation sports. You can throw yourself into a team or go up to support. There’ll be plenty of people to chat to on the touchline – and the café serves great cake and a cuppa.

3. Student Night

After all that sport, come evening, everyone heads into the city for Student Night, when local bars, restaurants, and clubs drop their prices, welcome students with free entry and everyone who’s anyone goes ‘out on the town.’ Bristol has a number of sober spaces, which serve only non-alcoholic drinks and mocktails if you don’t need to drink to have a good time.

4. Go to a silent disco

Silent discos are a popular trend where everyone wears wireless headphones and dances to music that only they can hear. The University of Bristol is one of several places that put on silent discos in Bristol. They’re a lot of fun when you’re dancing – and it’s much easier to hear people talk and work on your language skills when you take your headphones off.

5. Volunteer at a community garden

Bristol has many community gardens and urban green spaces that rely on volunteers to help maintain them. There’s even a little herb and vegetable garden right in the city center, in Millennium Square. Volunteering at a community garden is a great way to meet other students who are passionate about sustainability and environmentalism – and you’ll be able to take some of what you grow to cook for dinner