Sleepless Nights: It's Time for UC Berkeley

This journey is about the feelings and expectations the night before I get my flight.

Three, two, one, go!!! My name is Yunjin, a junior from Tianjin University, whose next step is having a colorful fall semester in UCB.  

Now it’s just about 11 hours before I get my flight and meet my net friends. As far as I know, there are other 13 Chinese students heading for the same destination, and at least six of them will get the same flight as me. 
At first I was a little worried about finding my shuttle bus when arriving at SFO, but now I am quite relaxed for having so many friends around me. I AM NOT ALONE ANY MORE!

Studying abroad was always my dream, and now I have the chance to make it true. I have a friend, and last year he went on the same SAF program as me. He told me that UCB left a wonderful impression on him. He loved the restaurants there, and even showed me a list of dishes he recommends. Thanks to his experience, I think I have the courage to face the coming challenges. 
I have packed many things in my suitcases, although I know a big part of my items can be bought in local shops. Because I am allergic to milk, I put eight packs of biscuits in my bag and even some yeast to steam buns (I really hope there can be some kinds of bread cooked without milk in US). 

Packing my clothes wasn’t a real problem until I realized I hadn’t put my pillow in my suitcases. As I finally shut my suitcases, my room was a terrible mess!  

All in all, I am really looking forward to having a cool trip in UCB. I swear I will study very hard, but the new lifestyle is also the most important thing I want to get involved. SEE YOU ON CAMPUS!