Look at these Cuties!

If you’re ever feeling down, go see some animals. I find it’s a great way for me to deal with my bad mood. Every time I look at their innocent faces, the ice in my heart melts, and the bad mood is swept away. After that, it’s much easier to hum a song and throw myself back into my work.

After a busy midterm week, my friend and I took a trip to the national zoo in Washington. As a free zoo, there is no shortage of visitors. I was attracted by the poster at the door at the entrance: It’s made up of colored squares, and the animals are displayed in their very cute cartoon forms.

cute poster.jpg


Just upon walking into the park, I heard two parents ask their children what animal they are most looking forward to seeing. The kids shouted in response, “Panda, panda!” It seems this fuzzy animal is worthy of its status as a national treasure of China! Its appearance is deeply loved by people of all over the world.

popular star of zoo.jpg


My favorite animal is the elephant because of its long trunk and tremendous power. However, it makes me sad to think there are still many people in the world illegally selling ivory.

powerful elephant.jpg


The animal that surprised me most that day was the sand cat. It looked like a house cat, but I was impressed by its ability to survive in the desert.

Visitors can also see wild bamboo mice and badgers in the zoo. Looking at their lovely appearance, I was lost in thought. I love animals so much, but there still are certain animals that I can't stand. They are mainly cold-blooded animals, such as snakes and frogs. My friend likes them very much, but I hide helplessly behind her, repeatedly saying that I am very afraid. I shudder and gasp for breath just at the sight of them!

In my opinion, everyone should remember that zoos exist as homes for animals that find it difficult to live independently in the natural world.

I believe Covid-19 has taught humanity a great lesson: Only by living in harmony and taking precautions with animals can we ensure the health of Earth. In the meantime, we can always look at cute pictures of animals like these to brighten our days.

sand cat.jpg


SAF Spring Correspondent Zichen Lin from Ocean University of China is reporting from American University.