A Full and Stress-free Life at Berkeley

Hello, my name is Han Li and I'm from China University of Mining Technology. I'll be spending this summer at the University of California at Berkeley.

In terms of life, the buildings here are very American and Western, and they are very different from the Chinese style. The color of the building is very vivid, and the towers in the center of the university are quite spectacular. The ancient clock will chime its bell, releasing beautiful songs. At this time, a little squirrel may pass by your feet.

In terms of culture, some students who are interested in religious culture will introduce you to the spiritual core of religion. If you happen to be interested, you can systematically learn about religion and be very open-minded.

We went shopping in the mall and it was very cost-effective. The form of the mall here is also quite unique.

~ From Han Li, an SAF Student Correspondent