5 Reasons to Study Abroad at the University of Calgary

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Let’s take a look at one of our most popular schools, The University of Calgary. ‘UCalgary’ as it’s known, might not have the name cache of McGill or U.B.C., but don’t let that fool you. This premier institution is known internationally for its research, education, and a campus with a view that’s second to none. Here are five reasons why ‘UCalgary’ should be at the top of your list!

1. It's a top-ranked university worldwide
This publicly funded, research-intensive university reliably ranks in the top 200 universities worldwide by Times Higher Education World Rankings. It’s also recognized as a leading institution by other prestigious ranking systems, like CWTS Leiden Rankings and the Center for World University Rankings, which ranked UCalgary 128th and 196th, respectively.

2. Calgary's Chinatown will make your mouth water

One of Calgary’s coolest and most character-filled neighborhoods is Chinatown, sitting pretty on the picturesque banks of the Bow River. Here you’ll find some of the city’s best food, from authentic Chinese noodles and dumplings to innovative Canadian-Chinese cuisine that’s won the hearts and stomachs of many visiting students. In particular, locals will insist you try the ginger beef, a dish comprising deep fried strips of beef tossed in a sticky ginger-garlic sauce with carrots and onions. Super popular in western Canada, many restaurants have tried to lay claim to ginger beef, but most would agree that bragging rights go to Calgary’s own George Wong, who created the recipe in the mid-1970s at the Silver Inn – which is still open for business in the heart of Chinatown.

3. It's one of the most progressive campuses you'll set foot on

Young at heart, this is one campus that likes to embrace new ideas and do things a bit differently! University of Calgary became Alberta’s first Fair Trade campus back in 2015, after a group of engineering students wanted to provide students and faculty with goods that came from people working in safe environments and being paid fairly. Since then, the university’s continued dedication has earned it awards for its leadership on social responsibility. It’s also a national leader in sustainability, investing in a multitude of high-performance green buildings and other green tech, earning it a spot as one of Canada’s top 10 most sustainable organizations.

4. You're in good company when it comes to alumni

We mean it when we say University of Calgary is a seriously good school – and the proof is in its graduates. It’s produced a Canadian prime minister (no, not Justin Trudeau), a record-holding astronaut and the father of the Java programming language. It’s also where Garrett Camp graduated with degrees in electrical and software engineering, just before he went on to co-found a little Silicon Valley start-up known as Uber. There’s also a really diverse student body here. Around 20% of students are international, so even if you don’t run into a famous tech mogul on campus, you’ll still be in good company.

5. You get to live in Calgary

Dynamic and never boring, there’s something about Calgary that wins over every person who sets foot in its city limits. Home to several oil and gas firms, this is the energy capital of Canada, and the city is one of the fastest growing regions in the country with a strong job market to match. Calgary is also the sunniest city in Canada, with around 333 sunny days per year. That might have something to do with why it was named the most liveable city in North America, according to the 2018 Global Liveability Ranking, Economics Intelligence Unit. Just a stone’s throw (or 90 minutes’ drive) from Banff National Park, you can actually see the world famous Rocky Mountains from the UCalgary campus. Getting away to the mountains for some hiking, camping or skiing is one of the best parts about living in Calgary – and it’s so easy to do!

Calgary might not have been on your radar before, but with a top-ranked university and a city that’s easy to fall for, what are you waiting for?