Reflecting on Arizona

I left with three suitcases... and something of immeasurable worth

19 June 2015

Coming from a tiny country, Brunei, with a total population of only 420 thousand, I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Arizona in the United States of America. I studied there through The Study Abroad Foundation (SAF) and they were incredibly helpful and made the entire process smooth and less stressful. My stay there for one academic year exceeded all the expectations that I could have had.

Unlike the British-based education system back in my home University, it was interesting to experience the slightly different American education system, and I think this has taught me different strategies which will definitely improve my study habits back home. Everyone there was friendly and very helpful. The students were very competitive, outspoken, open-minded and diligent. After a while, I couldn’t help but involuntarily become one of them in order to keep up, which is a good thing.
When asked about my most favorite memory, it would be the friends and bonds I made there. I joined and was actively involved with the University’s International Student Association (ISA). Amazingly, I befriended students from 28 different countries. When I am not occupied with my studies, I would always join them for outings such as to movies, picnics, bowling and visits to famous local places like Tucson Desert Museum, Old Tucson Studios and Reid Park Zoo. ISA also organized international workshops where I attended one on international language and one on international dance. I got really close to some of them that we even travelled together to some iconic places such as Grand Canyon, Great Salt Lake, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York during our winter and spring break holidays.

No doubt, immersing and surrounding myself with people of different backgrounds during my stay in the United States have ultimately molded me into a better being. Not only have I learned to move past cultural and other differences, I am now well aware of how different cultures affect people’s perspectives on certain situations, and obtaining this outlook has surely taught me contemporary and improved ways to view the world around me.

All in all, I strongly recommend students to go for any study abroad program or anything alike if they get the chance to do so. The amazing time I had, the beneficial knowledge and priceless experience that I have acquired abroad were to me something that I can never express enough. I arrived there with two suitcases, I left with three suitcases and something more, something of immeasurable worth, something that will positively stay with me for my entire life .

Home: Universiti Brunei Darussalam
Host: University of Arizona
Major: Environmental Studies

Azim Alidin from Brunei
Reflecting on Arizona

Reflecting on Arizona

Azim Alidin from Brunei
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