Preparations for Everyday Requirements in UC Santa Barbara

From Xiamen University, SAF Fall Correspondent Yue Shao is chronicling her experience at UC Santa Barbara.

27 September 2019

When considering what to pack, weather, climate, cost of living and your living habits are all factors.

Santa Barbara, with its Mediterranean climate, is cool and dry in summer and warm and wet in winter, so only a few warm clothes will be enough. You can enjoy sunshine, beaches and Spanish style here. Sometimes, it is a little cold in the evening, so pack a coat. If you don't want to buy 110V appliances here, remember to bring a transformer and a switch plug. Computers and mobile phones that contain 110V can be charged directly. Small items for daily use can be taken with you (like slippers which is more expensive than a quilt), while some bathroom products can be bought in the market there. Most importantly, remember to prepare your phone card in advance for your daily communication and internet. Just bring your necessities and a good mood to enjoy the peace and cozy life in Santa Barbara. You will fall in love with this city.

parking lot
full moon

Recorded the full moon at home

fallen leaves

Leaves that have fallen to the street in Santa Barbara.

full moon

The full moon of Mid-Autumn festival

pine cone

Pine cones fallen to the street in Santa Barbara.


The blue of the Autumn sky at home.

fallen leaves

Preparation for Everyday

Requirments in UC Santa Barbara
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