Halfway through the semester at UCLA, time flies!

This blog post is about how I feel halfway through the semester and my interesting experiences.

13 August 2019

My name is Yizixuan Yuan, and I'm from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University.

Time flies! I’ve already had my midterms. I have gradually adapted to life here at UCLA. The past few weeks were so interesting and significant to me. I just finished my midterm exam for filmmaking class today, and I got an A for my first assignment for the Disney feature class. I am so happy and excited.

I went to several wonderful tourist attractions with my friends and left with good memories. We went to Venice Beach and enjoyed the wonderful sunset. The sea looked so beautiful, illuminated by the setting sun.

As I mentioned before, I have taken a Disney feature class, which is so engaging that I couldn’t help but visit Disneyland. It was such a wonderful experience in the fairy tale world. We also went to the famous Getty Museum only a few hours before I write this blog. Although we didn’t finish all the exhibitions, we realize that it is an amazing place which is worthy of going to.

Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_Disneyland day
Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_Disneyland
Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_Getty Museum
Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_Griffith Observatory
Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_Venice Beach
Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_California

Halfway through UCLA semester

Time flies!
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