Daily life in UC Santa Barbara

Food, the beach, shopping. A peaceful life can also lead to happiness and contentment.

27 November 2019

My name is Yue Shao! I'm from Xiamen University and currently studying abroad at UC Santa Barbara.

When you come to a new environment, it always takes you some time to get used to it. Luckily, Santa Barbara is a magical place where you can easily find the peace in your heart as soon as you get there. In Santa Barbara, you have the chance to try different regional and flavored food. But be careful, and be fully prepared about the restaurant and tastes you want to try if you're a picky eater. However, making your own food in a foreign country with friends is also a must. 

​After lunch, you can walk along the streets of downtown filled with Spanish-style architecture, and enjoy the afternoon sunshine and tranquility. Whether you’re on the campus lawn or on the beach, you can always see people lying down, studying, chatting or taking a nap. If you happen to be accompanied by a pet dog, it will be the most enjoyable day.

Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Wharf
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Seabird
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Ice cream
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Food
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Dumplings
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Lunch
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Pasta
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Park
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Shopping
Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Sunset

Daily Life in UC Santa Barbara

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