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SAF China Symposium

SAF China Symposium at CACIE 2021

First day in the U.S. and at UCLA

First day in the U.S. and UCLA From SAF Correspondent Rae Zhang

 5 Tips for a Classic American Thanksgiving

5 Tips for a Classic America Thanksgiving

Markets in London

London's Best Markets

Vlog thumbnail

Daily Vlog: Oseyo, Ocado, and Making Burrito Bowls

Happy Holidays from SAF

University of Santa Barbara

Reporting on life abroad From UCSB

FIE Global Student Leadership Conference

FIE 2015 Global Leadership Conference

Study abroad at Arkansas

Through my lens Studying at Arkansas

Heeyeon Ryu

Life at American University Heeyeon Ryu

Photo Collection

Study Abroad Memories 2019's best photos

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5 Things I Wish I'd Known Before My Study Abroad Program

Just because it’s supposed to be unpredictable, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still be prepared for what lies ahead.

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What To Expect When You Study Study Abroad During a Pandemic

Studying abroad in a pandemic presents a unique set of challenges to students, but that doesn’t mean it’s something that anyone should shy away from or miss out on!

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cannon beach oregon

The Best Beaches in US That You Can Visit Year-Round

Here are some of the best beaches in the US that you can (comfortably) enjoy during the fall and winter months.

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filled football stadium

College Sports in America: Everything You Need To Know

College sports are a fundamental part of campus life in the United States. Here's everything you need to know.

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london chinatown

7 Cities Outside of Asia With Strong Asian Representation

Here are some of our favorite Asian neighborhoods in the world where Eastern tradition meets Western influence, to incredible effect.

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birds eye view of paris

The 5 Best Districts in Paris To Stay and Explore

Here are some of the best spots in Paris to stay and explore when you visit the City of Lights.

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leipzig in fall

The 5 Best Places in Europe To Hunker Down This Fall

Experience everything autumn has to offer, with these five exceptionally beautiful European destinations offering stunning foliage, cultural entertainment, and cozy establishments.

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smoky mountains

Deep Southern States To Fall in Love With

Here are some of our favorite Southern states to explore to get a taste of the Deep South.

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two benches at the end of a dock on a lake with an orange and purple sunset

5 Reasons Why The Midwest Is The Best

Here are some more reasons why the Midwest really is the best in the country. 

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crater lake

The Most Beautiful Natural Attractions in the Pacific Northwest

Studying abroad at schools like the University of Washington, University of Oregon, or University of Victoria means getting access to some breathtaking natural attractions.

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inner harbour

5 Famous Movies That Were Filmed in Victoria, British Columbia

Whether you’re studying or traveling in the Victoria area, make sure you check out some of these amazingly idyllic film locations.

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hot chicken and mac and cheese

Where To Find The Best Soul Food When You’re Studying in the US

What is soul food, and why is it everywhere south of the Mason-Dixon line? Read on to learn more about this delicious culinary comfort, and the best places to find it around SAF partner universities.

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sparkler and American flag

5 Unusual Fourth of July Celebrations in America

Every year, Americans celebrate their Independence Day on July 4th - usually with barbeques and fireworks, but sometimes in very unique ways.

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Best Chinese Food Alternatives

It's difficult to get your Chinese food fix when you’re not in country, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find worthy and mouth-watering similarities from around the world. Here are some dishes to try!

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student taking notes

Different Ways to Take Notes

Your notes for your classes abroad can make or break your performance on essays and exams. Here are three methods of note taking that will set you up for success.

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student on laptop

My Online Summer With Berkeley

SAF Scholar Yuchen Song writes about his experience this summer with SAF's online Berkeley program.

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online learning

Online Learning Do's & Don'ts

Online learning is all the rage right now. Here are some helpful tips for thriving in an online classroom environment.

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saf student

Language Barriers Online

SAF Scholar Yuchen Song shares his experience from his online summer program with SAF at UC Berkeley.

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students in paris

Differences Between American and European Universities

With so many options for study abroad locations, it can be hard to choose a program. To help you narrow down your many options - here are 4 differences between American and European universities.

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tossing a globe

How To Be a Better Global Citizen

It’s important to continue striving to create a better global impact. How can you become a better global citizen? It’s not as hard as it might sound.

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person reading book

5 Books That Inspire and Prepare You to Study Abroad

Here are five books that will make you want to study abroad, and mentally prepare you for it.

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Backpack laptop notebook

Things To Know About Canadian Universities Before Studying Abroad

Here are a few things you might need to know about applying to and attending Canadian universities.

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The Best British Soap Operas To Binge Before Studying Abroad

In Great Britain, soap operas are hugely popular and are actually a great opportunity to learn more about British culture. Here are some of the best (and most addictive) British soaps to check out.

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spring flowers

European Springtime Celebrations Explained

Spring is a time of the year that’s jam-packed with unique cultural events, especially in Europe where you’ll find saintly celebrations, indulgent feasts, and birthdays fit for a king.

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Famous Alumni from East Coast SAF Schools

movie popcorn

Explore the World with Movies

We're all getting tired of this quarantine, so here are some movies to take your mind off it.

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The Beauty of Art

How can you come to Washington without visiting museums? Not only are they extremely beautiful, but they're also free!

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Look At These Cuties!

Animals are so amazing! They saved me from the agony of midterm week!

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I Love My Mealplan!

I never thought I'd fall in love with canteen food... but after the first bite, my mind was changed!

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The Best Bits of a British Autumn

The Best Bits of a British Autumn!

As the leaves change color and the temperatures drop, British fall may not have all the drama of an Asia autumn--but it also doesn’t have the threat of typhoons.

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Cheese Curds

Cheese Curds and 7 Other Midwest Specialties

The Midwest is known for a lot of things: beautiful lakes, friendly people, cold winters — the list goes on. The Midwest is also known for some pretty unique dishes.

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Top 10 Food Spots to try while Studying Abroad in London (Part 1)

Top 10 Food Spots to Try While Studying Abroad (Part 1)

(Part 1) When you’re ready to experience the best the city has to offer on a budget, it’s the streets you need to hit.

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Tea in the UK explained

Tea in the UK Explained

The Brits love their tea. So much so that they've turned it into a 60-billion cups a year kind of love affair.

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Christmas in America

Christmas in America

In America, Christmas is a big deal. First originating as a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, the holiday is now celebrated by 9 out of 10 Americans each year.

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The First Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: What Is It, and How Do I Celebrate It?

Thanksgiving is coming up. What's it all about? Learn how to make the most of this uniquely American tradition!

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Seminars and Events in D.C.

From Soongsil University, SAF Fall Correspondent Heeyeon Ryu is chronicling her experience at American University.

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Aquarium of the Pacific

5 Best Zoos and Aquariums in Southern California

Get the most from your time in Southern California!

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Skiing while on study abroad

Chill Out: The Best Outdoor Activities to Try This Winter

Winter can be a hard season to embrace, especially if you’re studying abroad and aren’t used to a cold climate and frosty conditions. Here are a few of the best outdoor activities you can try out!

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Cafe in Edinburgh

Study With Me at the University of Edinburgh!

Amazing places to study at the University of Edinburgh (with pictures!).

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Santa Monica view

What the Weather's Like in Los Angeles

The climate of Los Angeles is a year-round mild to hot and mostly dry climate for the L.A. metropolitan area in California.

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Rosy sky

Skies and the Clouds

Different pictures. The same beauty and magnificence of the sky and clouds in Edinburgh.

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weirdest british foods

The Weirdest British Dishes

From Bangers and Mash to Bubble and Squeek, Britain has some uniquely named dishes that are a must-try for students studying in the UK.

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AU lounge

What I Felt at American University for a Month

If you are worried about adaption at AU or need some tips for it, you should read this!

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students at football game

From Tokyo to Salt Lake City

One SAF scholar reflects on her study abroad experience at the University of Utah, USA.

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It's A Small World After All

SAF scholar Chie Yoshida captures the annual International Festival at California State University San Marcos.

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How I Advanced My Leadership Skills Abroad

SAF student Jinwen Li reflects on how her experience studying abroad in Scotland has made her a better leader.

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SAF student in Barcelona

Studying Abroad and Leadership

One SAF Student Global Leadership grant recipient reveals how studying abroad has shaped her as a future leader.

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basketball court

Moving In At Michigan State University

SAF scholar Haeri Kim captures the first days of her first semester at Michigan State University.

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buildings in Leipzig

Off to a Life-Changing Experience in Leipzig

From Japan Women's University, SAF Fall Correspondent Radiyah Uchiyama is chronicling her experience at Leipzig University.

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ocean view

Unique Memories Left In Berkeley

From China University of Mining & Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Han Li is chronicling his experience at University of California, Berkeley.

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An Unforgettable Trip To Golden Gate Park

From China University of Mining & Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Han Li is chronicling his experience at University of California, Berkeley.

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Chinatown in Toronto

Why Toronto Is The Most Multicultural City In The World

Here’s what you’ll find when you spend time in the fascinatingly multicultural hub of Toronto, Canada.

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suitcase and passport

What To Pack In My Suitcase For Studying In London?

From Northeast Normal University, SAF Correspondent Jie Pan is chronicling his experience at SOAS University of London.

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How to Celebrate New Year's Like A Pro

Here are some of the best ways we can think of to celebrate the end of the year, and get the new one started off on the right foot.

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New Year, Need Plans?

In order to have a grand start, here is a list of three places in the United States that would be the perfect place to start new and fresh.

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How to Speak Bristol English

English in the UK and in Bristol—or Brizzle, as the locals say—is very different than the language you learn in the classroom. Thankfully, we’re here to help.

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Introducing Our Summer 2019 SAF Scholar Correspondents

When it comes to study abroad stories and advice, who better to hear from than our students who are currently abroad, living out the experience in real time?

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fallen leaves

Preparation for Everyday Requirments in UC Santa Barbara

From Xiamen University, SAF Fall Correspondent Yue Shao is chronicling her experience at UC Santa Barbara.

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campus building

University Visits on the East Coast

From Southeast University, SAF Fall Correspondent Jingzi Zhou is chronicling her experience at Columbia University.

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Theatre Nights In London And Challenges I Met

From Dalian University of Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Xinrun Li is chronicling her experience at University College London.

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watermelon juice

See You Again My Hometown Cuisine; See You Again My Beloved People

SAF Correspondent Zimo Wang from University of Foreign Studies is chronicling her life at
​the University of Edinburgh.

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Sleepless Night, It's Time For UC Berkeley!

From Tianjin University, SAF Fall Correspondent Yunjin Jiao is chronicling her experience at University of California, Berkeley.

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New York City skyline

The Top (Non-Touristy) Places To Visit In New York City

If you decide to study abroad in New York, then here are some places to visit so you can live like a true New Yorker!

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SAF student Seina Sato

Road to University of Oregon

SAF Correspondent Seina Sato from Tokyo Woman's Christian University is chronicling her experience at the University of Oregon.

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Autumn in London: The 5 Best Spots to Enjoy Fall Foliage

Here are a few places, from parks to picturesque pubs, to soak in the brilliant fall foliage when you’re in London this autumn. ​

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student by bookshelf

5 Places to Study Abroad If You Love Literature

Australian Beach

5 Best Places to Study Abroad If You Love Beaches

Look no farther than these five top locations to study abroad for those who love the beach!

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student with gap and gown

How SAF Prepares International Students for U.S. Grad Schools

When U.S. News & World Report Contributor Anayat Durrani asked SAF if short-term study abroad prepares international students for success at U.S. Grad Schools, this is what we said:

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Vito Meow

A Silly Way of Making Friends

From Gaungdong Univeristy SAF Spring Correspondent Vito Meow is chronicling his experience at UC Berkeley.

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Chao Dong

How I Overcame My Fear of Studying Abroad

From Jinan, the capital of China's Shandong province, one SAF Scholar reveals how he adapted to American campus culture.

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Xiang Li in Edinburgh at Arthur's Seat in Spring_2015

Women in STEM: SAF Student Interview

SAF Alumni Xiang Li is among a new generation of women in science. While studying abroad, she opened up about the challenges of being a female in a male-dominated field.

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SAF student

6 Tips for Being the Best Ever at Studying Abroad

Whether you’re preparing to study abroad for the first time or beginning another semester overseas, maximize your experience with these tips from SAF American University Alumna Rebecca Yan. 

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Sydney Opera House

Tales from the University of New South Wales

From Shanghai, SAF Correspondent Xuefei Zhang is reporting on her year abroad at the University of New South Wales.

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Zhiwei Xu

Snapshots of My Summer at UCLA

Coming to America from Hunan University in China, SAF Scholar Zhiwei Xu captures the highlights of his summer abroad at UCLA.

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SAF Student Mahiro Watanabe

Top of the Class

At a graduation ceremony this month at Arizona State University (ASU), Mahiro Watanabe took center stage.

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Arlington Row of Bibury

The Most Picturesque Villages to Visit if in the UK

The UK has some great major cities to explore, but its small villages can provide an equally-as-important cultural experience and a peaceful getaway from the hustle and bustle of big city life.

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March Madness: What Is It and How Do I Get Involved?

Learn about one of the most anticipated annual college sports traditions in the country: March Madness, a basketball tournament filled with excitement!

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st patrick_mosaic

St. Patrick's Day: What Is It?

Here are four fun facts to help you understand St. Patrick's Day, the worldwide celebration that honors the patron saint of Ireland.

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students with backpacks

Making the Most of Your College Campus

Enhance your study abroad experience by getting involved on campus. Here's how:

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the office gif

Five Recognizable Colleges in the Northeast

Let’s look at some of the most popular colleges for studying abroad in the northeast and figure out where you might have seen them in your favorite entertainment before.

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Old Korean Legation

Today, I would like to introduce the place to visit in Washington DC. This place, located in Logan Circle, is historic and shows the history between Korea and America. Can you guess?

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Why University of Toronto Is One of the World's Top 20

The University of Toronto offers students more than just academic excellence. See why it's consistently ranked one of the top universities in the world.

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Autumnal Activities in the United States

The United States has some pretty fun and unique fall activities. Here are a few you need to know about.

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SAF Correspondent in New York City

Stress and Temptation Abroad

Studying abroad is an exciting time for students to explore and learn, but it can also come with added stress. Here are some solutions to have the best experience abroad.

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Christmas Songs

Christmas Songs Setting the mood

Setting the Mood for the Season

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TOP 10 Street Food Spots to try while Studying Abroad in London (Part 1)

Street food spots Top 10 in London!

(Part 2) Don’t forget, London is a great place to eat. Today, we’re looking again at the best street food London has to offer.

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Canada's Maritimes

Canada's maritimes What are they?

What they are (and why they're so awesome)

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students_study abroad_SAF

New Student, New Classroom

It's hard being the new kid at school--especially when studying abroad! However, with these tips and tricks, you can get through it.

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Making the Most of Your Time Abroad

If you're on the fence about studying abroad, this is the sign that you should take the leap and go for it!

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My PBS Internship

Washington is a city of interns. As a student who wants to move from the financial industry to the media industry, I have learned a lot from my PBS internship!

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spring_study abroad

Spring Has Sprung: Reasons to Love the Newest Season

Spring brings some much needed changes from the long winter months. Read on to see just why you should love spring!

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plane_study abroad_SAF

Traveling to San Diego to Stud y Abroad

SAF Correspondent Moonkyu Park from Myongji University is reporting from California State University, San Marcos.

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uc_berkeley_SAF_study abroad

Academic Performance at UCB Academic Performance at UC Berkeley

From Southeast University, SAF Summer Correspondent Jingzi Zhou is chronicling her experience at University of California, Berkeley.

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My Journey as a Visiting Stude nt at Vanderbilt

SAF scholar Geming Liu discusses what studying abroad has meant to her.

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After I Joined the Marching Ba nd, I Feel I Am Part of the Community

A talented saxophonist, SAF scholar Asuka Ono discusses the unexpected rewards of joining the marching band as a visiting student.

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"SJSU is a Beautiful Campus"

From Taichung, Kai Chang captures San Jose State University through the lens of a visiting student.

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Study Abroad_Maryland_baltimore

"Life in America is Enjoyable But Tough"

From Chizhou​, China, SAF Scholar Shan Jiang shares insights into adapting to student life at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

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5 Ways to Leverage Your Study Abroad Experience For Graduate School

How you can think ahead towards graduate school when studying abroad.

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Making a Difference

In Beijing, SAF students and staff help raise awareness of autism.

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McFaddin_Hall_Cornell_Study Abroad_SAF

My Summer of Research at Cornell

Katie Lin shares her experience as a summer research student at Cornell University.

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Hilo_Hawaii_Study Abroad_SAF

Beyond the Beaches The History that Made Hilo

It can be easy to look at the stunning landscape of the island of Hawaii and think no further, but Hilo has a rich history. Here are a few of Hilo’s most notable moments.

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What I Learned in 82 Days in LA and Why You Should Know

SAFer Angelene recently came back to Singapore from studying abroad in LA. Here are her thoughts to anyone thinking of going:

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5 Ways to Maximize Your Study Abroad Experience

Beginning her second semester abroad, SAFer Rasyidah Abdullah offers advice for new international students.

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april fools_prank_study abroad

April Fools' Day Explained

Learn about the traditions of April Fools' Day in the United States, and how to take part!

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A Visit to Dublin from Edinburgh

Dublin is just a short trip from Edinburgh--and definitely worth visiting!

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semester tips

Your Semester-End Tips

Follow these tips to end your semester with confidence.

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Survival Tips for a Student Ab road

Today, I will give you some tips that can be useful when you're living by yourself in a foreign country!

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Studying in Edinburgh, Visitin g the Highlands

After studying in Edinburgh for about a month, I discovered so much beautiful scenery in the Highlands.

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How to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

As a widely recognized celebration of Irish culture, there's something for everyone to enjoy about St. Patrick's Day.

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Thankgiving meal

My First American Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the festival for harvest and being grateful for being blessed in the past year.

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 I'm Chasing my Dream at Berkeley

Midterm Madness Gives Way to Monterey

I never thought a midterm could be so intense like what I have just been through!

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Haas at Berkeley

My First Month Milestones

I can’t imagine that I have been in California for a month. The day I was in Hong Kong airport feels just like yesterday. The past month could be the most colorful and life-changing experience for me.

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Li Ziwei at University of California, Santa Barbara

My First American Experience

SAF Fall Correspondent Li Ziwei arrival to the University of California, Santa Barbara and his first day.

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SAF Fall Correspondent Yiqing Liu preparations for his trip to UCLA.

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UCLA Summer Session

My Reflections on an Unforgettable Summer

This summer, I applied for a six-week academic program at UCLA Summer Session C. During this period, I completed eight credits, including four credits of principles of accounting (ii) and finance.

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My Labor Day Weekend Getaway exploring Disneyland

My Labor Day Weekend Getaway

Outlets, Disneyland and Night market made my week!

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Exploring the Getty Museum

I'm Winning at Midterms

Half of the summer session has passed, and I experienced my first midterm exam and group assignment.

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Diya Liu at the San Francisco Visitor Information Center

My Memorable Bus Tour of San Francisco

I am strongly enamored by the breathtaking view around the city and the study atmosphere on campus. I will definitely recommend the summer experience in UCLA to my friends.

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Hogwarts Express

Top 3 Things I Learned at UCLA

This is a leaving entry I wrote on my plane back to China, after my summer session at UCLA. There are so many things I want to talk about. In general, this has been a great study abroad experience.

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art and artisan noodles at Hammer Museum

Art and Artisan Noodles

Classes and quizzes continue as usual, but SAF Correspondent Zhuofan Zhang visits museums and restaurants in her free time.

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my week of contrasts at universal studios

My Week of Contrasts

SAF Summer Correspondent Zhuofan Zhang talks midterms, birthday parties, and lunch with her professor.

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building on Berkeley campus

My First Few Days at UCLA

I was really impressed by how beautiful UCLA is and how passionate and helpful everybody is.

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Solvang, one of my favorite ci ties in Southern California

On the last weekend of February, I went on a day trip to Solvang with my friends.

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sleepiness in class

7 Ways to Combat Sleepiness in Class

You’re seated in the lecture hall when suddenly your eyelids get heavy and your head nods forward. Then, uncontrollably, you fall asleep, only to be jolted awake minutes later by a dribble of drool.

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Oh, The Places You’ll Go! See The World Without Leaving London

Exposure to different cultures is a great way to expand your horizons but isn't always budget-friendly. Thankfully, in London, you don't have to travel far to have those experience.

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academic advice

Academic Advice for Your Time Abroad

Equip yourself to navigate the educational differences of your host country.

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Our Fall 2019 Correspondents Finally revealed!

When it comes to study abroad stories and advice, who better to hear from than our students who are currently abroad, living out the experience in real time?

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Christmas in Europe

Christmas in Europe

See how Europe does Christmas.

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Hanukkah candles

Hanukkah The history and happenings

Learn more about Hanukkah, another holiday typically observed at the end of the year.

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SAF Spring 2020 Correspondents

Spring 2020 SAF Correspondents

Meet our Spring 2020 SAF Scholar Correspondents!

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Gift of giving

The gift of giving 3 ways to donate this holiday season

Find out how to give back during the holidays.

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Home Alone poster

7 Holiday Movies from SAF Recommendations to watch this season

So many holiday movies, so little time. We're here to help you narrow it down.

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5 Reasons to study abroad at the University of Calgary

What makes the University of Calgary one of our most popular study abroad destinations? Read on to find out!

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Heeyeon Ryu_ American University_Fall_2019_Speaker

Seminars and events in D.C.

I was able to grow and meet people who share common interests.

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Heeyeon Ryu_ American University_Fall_2019_Costumes

Real American Halloween

Spend Halloween with me at American University

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Yue Shao_UCSB_Fall 2019_Sunset

Daily Life in UC Santa Barbara

Food, the beach, shopping. A peaceful life can also lead to happiness and contentment.

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Yizixuan Yuan_UCLA_Summer 2019_California

Halfway through UCLA semester Time flies!

This blog post is about how I feel halfway through the semester and my interesting experiences.

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Jingzi Zhou_UC Berkeley_Summer 2019_Skies

Journey to Yosemite Yosemite National Park is miraculous!

During my time abroad, I was able to visit the Yosemite National Park!

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UCL abroad departure

Getting ready to go to UCL

How to wisely pack and prepare for studying overseas

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Dragon for Chinese New Year Parade

Where to Celebrate Lunar New Year (AKA Chinese New Year) in America

Lunar New Year is one of the biggest holidays in the world - and has some of the most spectacular celebrations to get in on!

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Year of the Rat Design

Why The Year of The Rat Is The Perfect Time To Study Abroad

The Year of the Rat will be full of new beginnings, and studying abroad should be one of them.

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SAF Correspondent Han Li at UC Berkeley

Life at Berkeley Stressful, but full

I have touched everything from art to culture to everyday life — I really enjoy it all.

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Western Holiday How-To for a gift

Western Holiday How-To

From the United States to New Zealand, December through the New Year is said to be the most festive—and wonderful—time of the year. 

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SAF Students Returning Home

6 Tips for Students Returning Home from Study Abroad

While having had the time of your life living abroad, you likely expanded your values and habits, and now settling into life as usual at home may have its challenges.

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What is Thanksgiving for SAF students

What is Thanksgiving? Join in the fun!

Chances are if you're studying in the United States you can't escape the signs that Thanksgiving is fast approaching.

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Morning Tea in Santa Barbara

Morning tea at UC Santa Barbara

After a long time without porridge, I had the happiest time having morning tea.

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Setting a goal and sticking to it

Setting goals 5 tips and tricks

For many people, the beginning of the new year is a time to create resolutions for themselves.

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Correspondent Jingzi Zhou

UC Berkeley Summer Get ready with me!

Follow along with me as I prepare for my summer abroad at UC Berkeley!

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Suitcase packed to study abroad

Study abroad at Berkeley Han Li

Everything from everyday to academic preparation

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Winter in Canada The best things to do!

While it’s true that Canada’s sub-Arctic location might cause it to be a tad frigid, that doesn’t make it any less lovable!

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Champagne afternoon tea served at the Royal Horseguards

Days out in lovely London History, Culture, & Fine Foods

From Dalian University of Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Xinrun Li is chronicling her experience at University College London.

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Eating at UCLA

Eating at UCLA in Summer Check out these gourmet selections!

SAF Correspondent Yizixuan Yuan from Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University is chronicling her life at UCLA.

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SAF Summer Correspondent Han Li

The great works of Warhol Han Li explains

From China University of Mining & Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Han Li is chronicling his experience at University of California, Berkeley.

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Exams and homework

Exams and homework On repeat

From China University of Mining & Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Han Li is chronicling his experience at University of California, Berkeley.

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The making of a scientist while studying abroad

The making of a scientist Yangchen Zheng

Having recently completed the Phage Research Program at the world-class Johns Hopkins University, SAF alumnus Yangchen Zheng talks about his experience.

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Changed in perspective and mind while studying abroad

Changes while abroad In perspective and mind

A visiting student at the University of Bristol, Chloe Teoh shares her sojourn of self-discovery abroad.

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Reflecting on Arizona

Reflecting on Arizona Azim Alidin from Brunei

I left with three suitcases... and something of immeasurable worth

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University of Utah

Confessions... of a straight-A student

Actually, almost all of the teenagers in South Korea study not because of their interest in the material, but just because they feel pressure to get into a good university. I was one of them.

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Zhilin in Edinburgh

A change in leadership A reflection from China

In China, the way to show leadership seems very monotonous for students: either participate in the student union or be a class leader, like a monitor. Most importantly, a good academic performance is

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Genki Tamura

Finding his voice Genki Tamura

At first, I couldn't express my own ideas in the discussions. However, remaining silent during the discussion was considered to be indifference by the local students.

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Corridor of UCLA Boelter Hall

First impression of L.A.: unbelievable!

This post is about some beautiful sights I found on the UCLA campus during my first week and my trip to Santa Monica Beach.

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IES Abroad is overseen by an independent Board of Directors - a group of elite business and academic leaders in their field - and is held to the highest US government transparency and ethical business standards. 


The Study Abroad Foundation specializes in educational services, including the administration of study abroad programs, academic advising and assistance in choosing programs, assisting with arrangements for participation, and facilitating transcripts of overseas academic program credits. 


Everything we do is about the student. We’re a passionate team of study abroad professionals who believe in creating once-in-a-lifetime educational adventures that transcend expectations. We believe every student should have the opportunity to go abroad - especially in an enriching, safe, and superior academic and cultural environment.