Volunteering at University of California, Davis

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At UC Davis, volunteering is very much a way of campus life. Dip into the long list of volunteer opportunities to see just how many ways there are for you to give back during your UC Davies study abroad program. These experiences aren’t just fun and games—they shape you into a well-rounded individual ready to tackle the world and really make a difference to others.

Volunteer for the planet

As part of the university’s arboretum and public garden’s Learning by Leading program, you can apply for roles and experiences specifically for students. You might like to teach sustainability as an ambassador or support your own studies or research on a student internship. The Bee Haven also relies heavily on volunteers to maintain the gardens, weeding, planting, and mulching, so the bees can do what they do best.

Through the Campus Center for the Environment, you can jump into Project Compost to turn campus waste into garden gold or help manage the campus farmers’ markets. It’s your chance to contribute to a planet-friendly campus as you learn how to scale sustainability from local to global.

Volunteer for people

Really get to know the local Davis community—and improve your language skills to really make your study abroad programs worth it—by focusing on people in your volunteer role. The City of Davis welcomes drop-in volunteers to keep the parks looking great, assist at the senior center, or even deliver meals to insecure or isolated seniors in the Davis community. 

Whether or not your program is health- or medicine-related, the UC Davis medical center needs caring, compassionate volunteers to support medical professionals and their patients. If medicine is in your future, of course, an opportunity to work alongside nurses nationally recognized as some of the best in the country will boost your own learnings. 

Volunteer for pets and animals

UC Davis veterinary hospital always welcomes volunteer support in its orphan kitty project, raptor center, and oiled wildlife care network. And if you are on a veterinary program, there is a comprehensive internship and clinical experience board to help your search for positions that prepare you for your dream job.

Volunteering doesn’t just change how you see the world; it changes the world’s view of you. You grow in empathy, build ethical foundations, and develop a nuanced view of global issues—equipping you for thoughtful, informed citizenship for a fuller life experience and more successful career.


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