SAF Korea and ETS Korea enter partnership

ETS joint webinar raffle

To enhance the study-abroad experience for visiting students, SAF Korea and ETS Korea are joining forces. In programs designed to advance academic English, the new partnership prepares students for their TOEFL test with new opportunities and student experiences made possible by SAF.

To share information about the SAF visiting-student program in spring 2024 and the new TOEFL test, there is a joint webinar session on August 17, 2023.

During the webinar, ETS Korea will give away a free TOEFL test ticket, so one lucky participant will have an excellent opportunity to take the internationally recognized test at no cost. Two further participants will walk away with free official TOEFL books, vital study resources for effective test preparation.

This partnership is an exciting step forward for students who wish to study abroad on an SAF program. They have the chance to improve their English proficiency, gain insight into the visiting-student program, and access useful resources for their TOEFL preparation.

The joint info webinar and collaborative marketing activities will have a positive impact and encourage more students to explore international academic experiences.

 Register for the first joint webinar here.

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