Get out there: extracurriculars at University of California, Davis


At University of California, Davis, green isn’t just a school color—it’s a way of life. You add vibrant splashes of green and gold to your academic journey by diving into its sea of extracurriculars, activities, and programs. These activities welcome you into a student community as keen as you to make lifelong friends, get hands-on experience to complement your education, and even reshape the world. 

Let’s explore how you can participate in enrichment at UC Davis to truly expand your horizons beyond the classroom walls.

Extracurricular student adventures 

The UC Davis campus is a playground of curiosity and ambition, nurturing a culture of community and passion. With its 800-plus student organizations, it provides the resources for you to spark your interest, learn new skills, or stoke the fires of an enduring passion.

Get involved

The university’s Center for Student Involvement (CSI) is more than just an office—it’s a launchpad. This treasure trove of resources for student orgs and leadership development programs provides opportunity to enhance your skills in project management and public speaking or dive into Aggie Greek life and culturally driven art projects. 

The school’s Center for Leadership Learning hosts an annual Aggies Leading the Way leadership conference, a thrilling gathering of minds. Tomorrow’s trailblazers meet seasoned alumni and industry leaders, who share their paths to success in workshops, keynote talks, and networking events. There are museums and galleries always putting on exhibits and special events to draw students in to their communities, and the wildlife groups, garden volunteers, and culture clubscelebrate the UC Davis environment with volunteering opportunities and learning experiences galore.

Get creative

UC Davis’s creative community is buzzing. At its heart is the state-of-the-art Mondavi Center, a world-class concert hall and performance facility that balances local talent with global performers. And all enrolled UC Davis students get one free ticket. The Mondavi Center also offers educational programs and free student socials an hour before shows in the student lounge.

Also on campus is the Manetti Shrem Museum, where the mission is to cultivate transformational art experiences with exhibitions, events, and a dynamic artist program to inspire understanding and engagement in the world around us. You can get involved in pottery or glassblowing workshops and conversations with working artists. Whether you’re an aspiring Picasso or need a gentle dose of mindfulness, there’s a canvas here with your name on it. Or you could go along to an open mic night at the CoHo (the famous UC Davis Coffee House) to try out poetry readings, a cappella singing, stand-up comedy, or play an instrument ... or just enjoy others giving it a go.

Get sporty

For climbing walls and swimming pools, club sports and intramural leagues, even marching band and horseback riding lessons, head to the Activities and Recreation Center (ARC). This fitness fortress is there for casual weekly fitness classes and for super-competitive events, like the Causeway Classic, an annual local derby that pits UC Davis Aggies against Sacramento State’s Hornets. Even if stepping onto the field as part of the team is unlikely, you really should get involved in the school spirit that whips around campus on the run up to game day. You can join all kind of teams: softball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, basketball, even Ultimate frisbee. And remember, most people cycle around campus, so you'll get that endurance fitness in even just heading to class. 

Get volunteering

Volunteering at UC Davis is a big part of life. You get to meet loads of people from all walks of life and have incredible experiences that will live long in your memory. It gives you the chance to understanding the Californian culture while doing good for the community. You can choose a volunteer role that enhances your own learning and will help you stand out as you enter your career. There are opportunities at the veterinary hospital, the medical center, and in the many planet-focused sustainable projects across the 5,300-acre campus of farms, ecosystems, and gardens. 

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