I Joined the Marching Band and Feel Part of the Local Community

I play alto saxophone, and I have played for six years (in the brass band club in middle school and high school). I joined the University of Montana Grizzly Marching Band because I expected this kind of activity would be good relaxation. I did not want to just study all the time. Also, I wanted more American friends, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to make new friends. It has been that and so much more.

My favorite part of joining the marching band is game day. We mainly play for the pregame show and halftime show, three songs for each. We need to workout for these shows a lot, but it is the most fun part of the marching band. We also march for homecoming day, the welcome ceremony for freshmen and more events. Every time we play, people are excited, and I really feel that people in Missoula love Montana and this town, and this Grizzly Marching Band is very loved by the people in Missoula.

After I joined the marching band, I feel I am part of the local community, and I have a real feeling that I am studying in the US. I met my best friend in the marching band, and he is like my English teacher; it really helps my English skill development. I strongly recommend that future exchange students join a club activity. It is fun and gives you many unforgettable memories.

Asuka Ono
Home: Chuo University
Host: University of Montana
Major: Political Science