Study at University of Pennsylvania this summer with SAF

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SAF is proud to present the IAPS Summer Language Standalone Program at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) for students interested in pursuing a study abroad experience at an esteemed Ivy League institution. 

Recognizing the growing demand for immersive language programs, SAF has partnered with the University of Pennsylvania to offer a summer course that is specifically designed to enhance language proficiency in a short period.

The IAPS Summer Language Program at the University of Pennsylvania provides international students with the chance to participate in intensive language studies at a leading American university. Emphasizing practical language skills, cultural immersion, and an in-depth understanding of linguistic subtleties, the program is conducted in small class sizes for personalized learning. Additionally, UPenn presents a more budget-friendly option compared to other Ivy League schools, offering great value for those seeking a summer study abroad experience.


University of Pennsylvania – Virtual English Language Program


Housed within UPenn’s historic campus in Philadelphia – a city steeped in American history – the summer language program allows students to experience American culture and campus life firsthand. 

UPenn’s world-class faculty, combined with its state-of-the-art language learning resources, ensures that participants in the IAPS Summer Language Program gain not just language fluency but also cultural insights.