Off to a Lifechanging Experience in Leipzig

Hi everyone, I am Radiyah from Japan. I like traveling around the world and exploring new things. To record my experience and share them, I started blogging. I am currently learning German in Leipzig and trying to see the world through my eyes. I am so excited for what will happen while staying here. I am going to post my life, school, and activities in Leipzig, and some nice places in Europe.

Why Do I Study German?
First, I will explain the reason I learn German. I have always wanted to learn foreign languages other than English, as I found learning languages very interesting. It is not just learning vocabulary or grammar, but I can learn new ways of seeing things and expressions. 

It seems that as long as people can speak English, there is no point in learning any other languages because it is common language, and we can communicate with foreigners by using it in almost all cases. However, when people want to get to know the country, the locals, the cultures, etc., it is necessary to know the language.

I took German lessons when I was a freshman in college just because the grammar is similar to English and I think it is easy to learn it, and also I like watching soccer games (soccer is very popular in Germany). It was a little bit hard at first, but I was really interested in it, especially when speaking in German with my teacher and classmates.

Why Did I Decide to Study in Germany?
When I was a sophomore, I participated in a one-month language program in Munich during summer. I remember those days well as it was my first time in Germany and everything was new and interesting. As I learned German in class, I started to think about studying abroad. I wanted to improve my German skills so that I could communicate with locals closer and get to know their cultures. Besides that, in Germany, there are many people who came from different countries all over the world and have various backgrounds, I wanted to get to know them and improve communication skills and problem-solving ability. Thanks to my parents, teachers and SAF, I was able to study abroad in Leipzig.

What I Want to Do in Germany?
First, I want to improve my German skills and be able to communicate with locals fluently. After I finish language school, I want to study German literature and culture at Leipzig University. Not only language skills, but I also want to grow mentally by creating relationships with people who have various values, ideas and cultures that I have never encountered before. My future dream job is to work for an international company that connects the countries. Therefore, it is necessary to have flexible thinking and an understanding of different cultures, rather than being confined to narrow perspectives by the stereotypes formed in life in Japan. And also I want to share my real experiences both good and bad in Leipzig, and encourage many people to study abroad as the experience will be food for the future!