Universitat Leipzig German Language Pathway Program

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About the Program

With alumni such as Goethe, Leibniz, Nietzsche, and Merkel, the Universitat Leipzig has been home to some of history's most influential Germans. As one of the oldest universities in the world—founded in 1409—it has spent the past 600 years building up a reputation as one of the best places to study in Europe. A deeply cultural city, Leipzig has impressive architecture, affordable housing, and trendy residential districts.

Universitat Leipzig has been making academic history for over 600 years

Top alum: Friedrich Nietzsche, composer Richard Wagner, 9 Nobel laureates

Visit impressive museums: the Ancients, Instruments, Antiquities

Enjoy Leipzig's rich art and musical heritage

Program Advisor

Student Counselor SAFFY
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At a Glance

Language of Instruction:
Language Prerequisite Level:
GPA Requirements:
Academic Level:
Academic Strengths:
Biological & Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Studies & Sustainability, Health Studies, Music, Film & Performing Arts
University-owned flat
Visa Required:

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Tomoki Ohata

Even in the first two months of being in Germany, I had become accustomed to life in Germany, and I felt my German proficiency had improved.

Universitat Leipzig SAF Alumni


About the University

Universitat Leipzig

With alumni such as Goethe, Leibniz, Nietzsche, and Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, Leipzig University claims a strong role in rounding thought and developing nations. Founded in 1409, Leipzig is popular for its hearty welcome, impressive architecture, affordable housing, and trendy residential districts filled with parks, bike trails, and trees. Alongside its abundance of art galleries, museums, and theaters, Leipzig is an innovative business location with the headquarters of global companies, such as BMW, Porsche, and DHL, in the city.

Learn more at Universitat Leipzig's official website


Universitat Leipzig's Academic Approach

Study in morning classes Monday to Friday for 25 to 30 hours a week. Your courses focus on building vocabulary and grammar, listening and reading comprehension, and speaking and writing skills while also focusing on a total German immersion.

Learn in small yet diverse classes with individual guidance to support you. Designed to go beyond language success, you also learn the history and culture of Germany with excursions and cultural events.


You must complete a B2 course and receive an official B2 certificate to progress to the academic program. All courses in each faculty/program are open to you, but specific course enrollment is not guaranteed. 

When you transition to the academic program, you change housing and stay in a hotel for one night.

Classroom Hours

The SAF program fee tuition rate is based on enrollment in 25 to 30 hours of language instruction per week.

  • Classes meet Monday to Friday mornings
  • Core courses
    • Vocabulary and grammar
    • Listening and reading comprehension
    • Speaking and writing

Language Levels

Tuition covers CEFR language proficiencies from A1 to C2.

  • Fall is 16 weeks with two language levels taken at the same time
  • Spring, winter, and summer sessions are eight weeks with one language level

Elective Courses

One elective course is available for each language level and is predetermined for each level.

Get To Know Our Application Process

From academics to visa requirements, our structured process helps you choose the right program and university for your goals. Complete a strong application, and prepare for success abroad.

Personalize Your Study Abroad Plan With Your SAF Counselor

Each student has unique academic goals for a study abroad experience. As you think about studying abroad, your SAF Counselor will help you plan for success and support you every step of the way.

Application Requirements

When applying to study abroad, you must meet the entry requirements set by the host university—and SAF is here to set you up for success.

The requirements outlined in this section include the language proficiency scores you may need to demonstrate your language skills, a guide to the GPA range and other academic prerequisites required by your host university, and a list of documentation and other application materials you will need to finalize your application. You may need to supply additional information throughout the process, and you will be alerted through your emails and SAF Student Portal if this is the case for you.
  • Language Proficiency
  • Academics & GPA
  • Application Documents & Materials

Language Test Score Requirements

To prove your German language proficiency, you can use any of the following:

  • CEFR: A1 to C2

Learn More About Language Requirements

Program Dates

When studying abroad, you will want to consider the time of year and how long you are away. Most programs follow the host university's academic calendar.

The dates shown below are general estimates, and as you get closer to the start of the term, you will get more detailed information from SAF. If you have any questions, your Student Counsellor and Program Specialist are always here to support you and point you to the correct information.

Spring 2024 Language Pathway + Summer 2024 Language Pathway+ Fall 2024 Academic

Program dates:
Early March - Early February
Application Deadline:
Fees Starting From:

Fall 2024 Language Pathway + Winter 2025 Language Pathway + Spring 2025 Academic

Program dates:
Early October - Mid July
Application Deadline:
Fees Starting From:

Housing Information

University of Vienna housing 2

University-owned flat

The SAF program includes a university-managed apartment that you share with like-minded students. You have your own bedroom and  mayt share the kitchen, living space, bathroom, and laundry facilities with your fellow students.

*Housing is subject to availability. For specific questions regarding housing please contact SAF.

About Leipzig

Europe Leipzig Destination 05

Why Leipzig

Europe's most important international railway hub, Leipzig is a vibrant, wealthy city and has been for centuries. With wealth comes impressive architecture and a strong culture of theater, arts, and music, with Wagner, Bach, Mendelsson having called this powerhouse home. Now a key location for global business, Leipzig has a big name in publishing and machinery engineering.  

Learn more about Leipzig

The Student Experience

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Student Health & Safety

We champion health, safety, and security. As part of IES Abroad, the largest study abroad organization in the United States, we have set the standard for health and safety in study abroad for decades. We plan for the ‘what if’, so you can get on with the experience of a lifetime.
International Health Insurance

International health insurance included in the cost of your program

24/7 Emergency Phone Support

Total coverage to support you while traveling and in your new city

Location-Specific Information

Health and safety information prepared based on your destination

Health In Your Language

Highly trained multilingual staff to connect you to healthcare providers

Secure Housing

Quality, safe, secure housing within close proximity to your classes

Dedicated Expertise

Protection by a Dean of Students Office advocating for your interests


On Arrival

Your SAF pre-departure process will arm you with all the information you need for a smooth arrival to your new campus, city, and country.

To Housing

Your SAF program will include a safe transfer from your arrival airport to your new study abroad housing. We'll even provide you with top tips to make the most of your new city!

Home Sweet Home

Your SAF Program Specialist will coordinate with you to ensure you have arrived safely and settled into your new secure housing.

Keeping You Safe

As you settle in, you will learn about the SAF emergency alert system, our 24/7 phone support, and any safety concerns relevant to you.

Get Social

Your new university and SAF will arrange social and cultural events so that you can meet other study abroad and local students. Make the most of your adventure!

Advising and Support

The process of studying abroad could quickly feel overwhelming, but we have been doing this for decades and do everything we can to support you through it. 

Many SAF staff are alumni and have walked this path. They have real-life experience to draw on as they advise and support you through every step of our comprehensive services. They’re in your corner, taking care of all the details and explaining what you need to do next.

Take the first step in your study abroad journey by scheduling a consultation with your closest Student Counselor. You can discuss your for-credit academic courses and language programs and explore internships, research programs, and study tours. When you know what you want to do, we guide you through the pre-program steps, help you arrange your visa and transport, and finalize your accommodation or digital experience.

Get To Know Our Application Process

From academics to visa requirements, our structured process helps you choose the right program and university for your goals. Complete a strong application, and prepare for success abroad.

Personalize Your Study Abroad Plan With Your SAF Counselor

Each student has unique academic goals for a study abroad experience. As you think about studying abroad, your SAF Counselor will help you plan for success and support you every step of the way.

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