Getting Involved at the University of Oregon

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The University of Oregon is a wonderful place to pursue study abroad programs, like the globally recognized UO Language Pathway and UO Academic options. Fitting into such a large community is essential to having a great overall experience, and there are a few ways to do it.

It is up to you how to shape your time while living in Eugene, and the Division of Student Life is there to assist you. Check out these ways to get involved at the welcoming UO campus.

Join a Club

social club


Over 300 student organizations at UO are sponsored by the Associated Students of the University of Oregon (ASUO). In addition to being able to discover what's available through the university website, events happen throughout the year to introduce clubs to the student body.

Some groups catering to hobbies include Mindfulness, Chess, Magic The Gathering, the Native Plant Society, and Music History. Other clubs focus more on building community, such as Ducks with Diabetes, which brings together students who live with diabetes and navigate it together. International students at the University of Oregon have formed groups, including the East African Student Association, Ghanaian Students, the Japanese Student Association, and the Oregon Life Club, to help one another adjust to life abroad.

Play a Sport

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Sports for men and women are abundant at UO, with various varsity, club, and intramural options. Playing on a team is a fantastic way to meet new people and build rapport.

The NCAA sanctions twenty different varsity sports at this university. These include baseball, golf, basketball, tennis, soccer, gymnastics, lacrosse, softball, volleyball, and track and field. In addition, you may participate in forty other club activities, such as badminton, Alpine skiing, climbing, and more. All club team members work together to prepare for games, manage the home field, and attend tournaments. Flag football, indoor soccer, volleyball, and basketball are just a few of the intramural sports offered by UO to students, teachers, and staff of all abilities.

Attend Campus Events

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From live lectures, music performances, and movie screenings to game nights, the Student Activities Board supports the campus community by organizing events that appeal to a wide range of people. They put together events such as quiz nights, free donut giveaways, and pop-up events to expose students to other groups that may interest them.

Do Art in the Craft Center

Painting and art


The Craft Center offers a diverse arts program for UO students, professors, staff, and community members. It is educational and fun and welcomes individuals of all ability levels, from casual amateurs to seasoned painters. The Center enhances the University of Oregon's educational offerings by providing fully furnished studios and courses in various art categories. Wednesday crafts and online and in-person programs are just a few of the many offerings at the facility.

If you have experience in art, check out the Center's website and book a reservation to use one of the studios on your own. Additionally, the Center provides a selection of free crafts to students on campus, and clay kits are offered on Tuesdays at noon at the Craft Center Clothesline for those who enjoy ceramics.

Whether you're a born-and-raised Oregonian or a study abroad student, these community options will help you feel right at home on this Eugene campus.