Best Study Spots at the University of Oregon

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The first step toward good studying is to choose the right setting—a place where one can concentrate without distractions but is also comfortable and relaxing. Experienced students at the University of Oregon in Eugene know where they can go to get some work done. Still, with such a large campus, it can be challenging for newcomers and study-abroad students to navigate. Here's a list of the top study areas on campus and off:

Allan Price Science Commons & Research Library


This library has all the hallmarks of a traditional library, with the addition of a superb underground area and other floors specifically designed to allow sunshine in. The study area above the main library section is ideal for keeping your study mind active and open, surrounded by glass, natural light, and ferns. You may choose from several seating arrangements, including a "quiet zone" and spaces for collaborative tasks. A small number of whiteboards are available for use in problem-solving and outlining group initiatives.


Computer and coffee


One of Eugene's most iconic coffee shops, Vero Espresso House, is conveniently located just off campus. If you need to crank out a paper or prepare for the upcoming test, this charming caffeine-fueled establishment, which was once a Victorian-style property, is an excellent spot. You will want to take advantage of the outside chairs on sunny days. Also, they have a cute room on the upper floor that you can book at a reasonable price; gather your friends for a study session!

Their healthy breakfast and lunch selections and high-quality coffee drinks make it an ideal spot to set up shop after a long day of studying. Because Vero is renowned, you should try to be there earlier than the crowds.

McKenzie Hall

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Located on Kincaid St., the four-story McKenzie Hall is a University of Oregon campus structure with brick walls and a spacious layout, making it the perfect place to do schoolwork. As people pass through and classes conclude, the area may become boisterous; however, this can be easily anticipated.  

The building's eastern flank has a subterranean patio contrasting with the rest of the design. With enough space for group study sessions and enough openness for private conversations, this place is perfect for students to work. Several tables on the hall's first level are first-come, first-served. Additionally, McKenzie is near the Dad's Gate Bus Station, making it easy to hit the road quickly after studying.



Situated in the heart of the student community, the Lillis Business Complex has areas around the main building that provide fantastic study locations. Plus, if you need a pick-me-up mid-study session, there's a coffee shop nearby. On a bright day, the ascent up the spiral staircase will make you feel at the top of the world while providing a breathtaking perspective of the surrounding halls. This space may lack large tables to accommodate your study needs, but it is enough for a few hours of reading or light homework.

The Duck Store

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While everyone is familiar with the idea of using tables outside various cafes, there is an alternative for enjoying the fresh air while hitting the books. The Duck Store EMU on the second floor might not immediately jump to mind when brainstorming study spots, but this location offers excellent tables in the sun and shelter away from the bustle. This is the ideal place for you if you want to study in nature yet value your privacy.

Remember these locations the next time you have an exam or need a quiet area to study. Sometimes, finding the perfect spot is the key to having great focus.