Why I should study abroad at Berkeley

Everything from everyday to academic preparation

17 June 2019

I have prepared a lot of daily necessities and school supplies that I might use when I study abroad at the University of California, Berkeley, and of course, there are interesting academic questions.

My name is Han Li, and I'm from China University of Mining & Technology. I am very yearning for studying abroad. I have always wondered how academic and interactive academic exchanges in the world’s top schools are. How do they motivate students to learn and break through themselves?

I will bring clothes that I will wear in the Bay Area and some domestic books that will help me learn the course. Laptops or tablets that help us learn and live are essential. After all, learning abroad for the first time, I feel a little pressured. I will enjoy the development of local characteristics in the Bay Area and experience how it attracts talents. Of course, some of the special attractions will be missed, so I have to appreciate and record them.

Suitcase packed to study abroad
Math chalkboard
T-shirt I packed to study abroad in California
White textbook
Blue textbook
Lenovo laptop
Charger port
Electric shaver
Blue and black suitcases
Suitcase packed to study abroad

Study abroad at Berkeley

Han Li
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