See You Again My Hometown Cuisine; See You Again My Beloved People

SAF Correspondent Zimo Wang from University of Foreign Studies is chronicling her life at
​the University of Edinburgh.

20 September 2019

The anxiety and fear creeps into my family drop by drop when my departure becomes near. Tough, it is hard, all the happiness and love could be perpetuated through pictures. When we see those pictures, we know that we will never say goodbye.

Food connects people; the smell of it, the shape, the taste, the color, and all the ingredients that make up our memory will company us all along no matter where we go. In China there is an old saying, "when you think of a specific food, actually you are thinking of the person you share that food with." The food in Edinburgh will be very different from the food in my hometown. Even though I believe I will love them both, I know that no meal in the world could compare with those I enjoyed with my beloved people: my parents, my granny, and my best friends.


Well, it is not enough to just keep the food my family made for me in mind. I also need to make something for them to help them have a better idea of what kind of food I will eat in Edinburgh. The best western dessert I could make is waffle, so one night I introduced it to my family –it turned out to be a huge success. My family love it (except they are a little worried how many pounds I will add to my weight with eating something so sweet and tempting)!

watermelon juice

Dad, mom, watermelon juice, and me.

me and mom

Kitchen is the place where my mom spent most of her time at home creating so much yummy food like she has magic.She is the most wonderful chef;she is the best mummy.


The Scots love to drink, and the bar is their second home. However, for me it is not what you drink but the person you drink with that matters. I am sure I will have no difficulty finding gorgeous soft drinks in Edinburgh, but nothing counts more than my precious friends who cheers with me, even though it is just water in the bottle,it tastes better than honey.

pearl balls

My granny is rather good at making pearl balls. I will miss both my granny and her "pears"badly.

spicy food

People in Chongqing have a "spicy" tooth and are famous for it, so do my family. I can't count how many spicy dishes my family made for me specifically this summer because they know there would be no food as hot and spicy as this in Edinburgh.

watermelon juice

See You Again My Hometown

Cuisine; See You Again My Beloved People
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