Different Ways to Take Notes

Throughout college, most professors encourage notetaking. Whether you like it or not, taking notes will eventually end up helping you when it is time to review for a test or homework assignment. Here are three methods you can try to take notes and some ways to make note-taking fun!

The Outline Method

student notes


This method is probably the easiest and most popular form of taking notes among college students. This is because this particular method focuses on the structure of the notes by outlining the main points using bullet points.

You usually start off by writing out your main topic with a bullet point followed by the subtopics.

The outline method is beneficial as it highlights the main point of your lecture in a logical way, allows you to pay attention more as it is a simple method, reduces reviewing and editing time and keeps your notes clean.

The Cornell Method

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This method is different from other types of methods due to the page layout. This is because before you start taking notes, you have to split the page into three or four sections.

The top row of the page should have the title, the left-hand side of the page should be split into a vertical section labeled key words and questions, the middle of the page should be for the main points and the bottom row will have the summary.

This method is ideal as it lays out all of the notes in a very organized manner. Since each section is labeled, you know exactly where you will find the main points, summary and so on.

The Boxing Method

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The third method involves separating your notes into individual boxes. Students who use this type of method will put all related notes in one box. This method is particularly common among those students who like to take their notes on a tablet, however you do not need to have one to take notes in the box method - you can simply use a pen and paper!

Now you have a few ways on how to take notes, it can sometimes get boring using a pen and paper all the time (unless that’s what your professor requires). A lot of the time, students will use their laptop or tablet to take notes.

For example, you might want to take your notes on your electronic device on apps like Google Docs so you can easily share, edit, and collaborate with peers. There is also a very popular app that can be used if you have an iPad called Good Notes.

Taking notes is essential while studying abroad at a new university. It will help you understand the material and allow you to become more efficient in the classroom.