5 Ways to Maximize Your Study Abroad Experience

Beginning her second semester abroad, SAFer Rasyidah Abdullah offers advice for new international students.

7 January 2016

1. Make sure to do your preparations thoroughly and well in advance. In spite of how much fun it sounds, adapting to a new place with its own unique culture in addition to studying or working full-time is a really tough challenge.

2. Stay strong and always remember what your aim is for participating in a study abroad.

3. Make the most of your time abroad and balance your time between academic or professional responsibilities and fun activities.

4. Remember only a small percentage of people have the opportunity to enroll in study abroad programs, and it would thus greatly increase your chances for a brighter future.

5. Take part in the local activities. It's also important as it will provide you with insight into the culture as well as opportunities to widen your network.

maximize_study abroad

5 Ways to Maximize Your Study

Abroad Experience
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