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Language Barriers Online

SAF Scholar Yuchen Song shares his experience from his online summer program with SAF at UC Berkeley.

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LA first impression

This post is about some beautiful sights I found on the UCLA campus during my first week and my trip to Santa Monica Beach.

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My Week of Contrasts

SAF Summer Correspondent Zhuofan Zhang talks midterms, birthday parties, and lunch with her professor.

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My First Few Days at UCLA

I was really impressed by how beautiful UCLA is and how passionate and helpful everybody is.

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Asian Communities beyond Asia

Here are some of our favorite Asian neighborhoods where Eastern tradition meets Western influence to incredible effect.


Explore the World with Movies

From the comfort of your own home, you can explore the world through these beautifully shot movies

Johns Hopkins University

The Making of a Scientist

Having recently completed the Phage Research Program at the world-class Johns Hopkins University, SAF alumnus Yangchen Zheng talks about his experience.


Online Learning Dos & Don'ts

Online learning is all the rage right now. Here are some helpful tips for thriving in an online classroom environment.