Life in America is Enjoyable, But Tough

Life in America is enjoyable, but tough, especially at a prestigious university, where students all around me are exceedingly more diligent than I had expected. The foreign culture which lies in the daily routine includes divergent meal tastes, eating habits and even personal healthcare routines. 

Traditional Chinese eat more soup to ward against colds, but peers in America usually use hand sanitizer instead. In class, things are quite different. Endless discussions and exciting debates always open my mind. After class, my roommates also share different cookies and posters and other fun American things with me, which I enjoy a lot

The midterm exam around the corner is also stressful for a newcomer, like me, to the United States. Prejudgments about American student life aren't that useful for helping you adapt to the totally unfamiliar environment. So, cast aside your assumptions and enjoy the brand new and wonderful experience. Why not hang out and give it a try?

Shan Jiang
Host: Johns Hopkins University
Home: Central University of Finance and Economics 
Undergraduate in Sociology
Department of Sociology School of Social Development