Learn about the cultural heritage of Manchester, England

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There is much to love about Manchester. The people have a strong sense of community, the city has an unrivalled, diverse culture, and the Victorian architecture is a peek into Manchester’s past. From impressive museums and sporting heritage to vibrant street art and cool nightclubs, there’s always something happening. Get to know the city when you’re studying abroad at The University of Manchester through its significant cultural symbols.

The Manchester Bee

The symbol of the worker bee is on landmarks, murals, and street furniture across Manchester. During the 19th-century Industrial Revolution, the worker bee symbolized workers coming together and creating the city. The Manchester Bee gained extra significance when, following a terrorist attack in 2017 at the Manchester Arena, the bee became a symbol of coming together and paying tribute to those who died. Today, it’s a sign of strength and solidarity Mancunians are rightly proud of.

Manchester Music

As well as a significant classical music heritage (Manchester has two symphony orchestras), and a tradition of brass band music, Manchester is a big part of the indie pop scene. Bands like Oasis, Stone Roses, The Smiths, and New Order all have their roots in the city. These bands and many others reinvented music on their terms and created a sound that continues to fill dancefloors worldwide. The city has a thriving live music scene in concert halls and arenas, nightclubs and record shops. Get to know the sound of the city while you study here.


Manchester has two of the biggest football (soccer) clubs in the world: Manchester United and Manchester City. The two teams have a fierce local rivalry, and their games attract hundreds of thousands of visitors to the city every year. You can learn more about the city’s football legacy by visiting the National Football Museum while you’re in the city. Or, even better, join the fans and watch Manchester United or Manchester City play a home game.

Coronation Street

On television screens in the UK since 1960, Coronation Street is a well-loved soap opera. It’s set in a fictional neighborhood of Manchester called Weatherfield, and over the years, the show has become part of the city’s cultural heritage. Many of the characters experience issues that mirror real life society in Manchester and beyond. You can watch the show three times a week or take a tour of the Coronation Street set.