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San francisco chinatown

My Memorable Bus Tour of San Francisco

I am strongly enamored by the breathtaking view around the city and the study atmosphere on campus. I will definitely recommend the summer experience in...

Mahiro Watanabe

Top of the Class

At a graduation ceremony this month at Arizona State University (ASU), Mahiro Watanabe took center stage.

University of California, Berkeley Content 027

An Unforgettable Trip to Golden Gate Park

From China University of Mining & Technology, SAF Summer Correspondent Han Li is chronicling his experience at University of California, Berkeley.


New Student, New Classroom

It's hard being the new kid at school--especially when studying abroad! However, with these tips and tricks, you can get through it.

IMAGE 1 bristol-2647464_1920_DavidMark_Pixabay.jpg

How to Speak Bristol English

English in the UK and in Bristol, or Brizzle, as the locals say, is very different to the language you learn in the classroom. Thankfully, we’re here to...