Tips For Decorating Your College Home

College dorm

Living arrangements at college are a critical component of the college experience. Students participating in a University of California, Berkeley abroad program may be concerned about living with a new individual in another country. However, based on the type of living space assigned, there are things you can do to make it feel like home. Just remember that other people need to be comfortable there, too.

International students will find several accommodation alternatives within the University of California system. Every campus is responsible for creating its own plan to meet its students' housing demands affordably, considering the school's and nearby neighborhoods' needs.

The UC Berkeley study abroad programs offer undergraduate and graduate students residential halls and off-campus properties. The UC Santa Barbara campus also has regular residence halls and affiliated private residence halls for students. Additionally, UC Los Angeles has four types of housing that include Classic, Plaza, Deluxe, and Suite-style halls.

No matter where you decide to live, use these decorating ideas to create a unique style. Always verify the housing department's guidelines for what you bring into the rooms. It's also good to ask your roommate what they're getting so you don't bring double items for a limited space.

Personalize Your Area

Your bed and workspace should be comfortable. Consider utilizing area rugs to soften the room or mirrors to make it seem bigger. To keep connected to home, bring photos of friends and family and your favorite spots in your homeland. Don't be scared to express your individuality; part of the joy of living at school is meeting new people with whom you have shared interests.

College dorm



Many college dorm rooms lack windows, so lighting is a crucial consideration. Make sure you acquire a quality desk light for doing homework and studying. Hanging fairy lights about your bed may help create a soothing ambiance.

Map and lights


Storage & Organization

College dormitory rooms might be tiny. Inventive storage solutions help you make the most of your available space. You won't be able to use nails or screws in most college rooms, so look for choices that stick to walls and those that can be attached to larger furniture and fixtures. You can also find storage caddies that go over your furniture or shelves that attach onto bed frames and can be used as nightstands. There are drawer dividers, stackable boxes for bookshelves or closet storage, and many options for hiding things under the bed. Adhesive shelves and hooks help store lighter-weight items like paperbacks and knickknacks.

dorm storage


Design Your Perfect Bedding

You want your bed to be a relaxing and comfy haven where you can recharge and revitalize after a year of new experiences. After determining your bed size, choose warm and elegant bedding to reflect your individuality. If you want to avoid purchasing a new comforter but want a unique style, consider buying a duvet. Finally, if you want to add design, throw pillows may be a terrific way to make your home pop.

Bed and pillows


Add Plants

Natural or artificial plants are life-giving to any area, making it seem more welcoming and comfortable. Alive plants have two benefits: they make an area more attractive and may enhance air quality. Even with fake plants, green helps your area appear more put together.

Potted Plant


Decorating a fresh, new, vacant room allows you to create your own space. No matter how you design it, remember that functionality is just as vital as aesthetics. Students often bring a doorstop, bed risers, blackout curtains for windows, command strips, a lap desk, and a noise machine to help them sleep better.