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The Weirdest British Dishes

From bangers and mash to bubble and squeak, Britain has some uniquely named dishes that are a must-try if you're studying in the UK.

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My First Month Milestones

I can’t believe I have been in California for a month already. The day I was at Hong Kong airport feels just like yesterday. The past month could be the...


The Best Bits of a British Autumn

As the leaves change color, and the temperatures drop, British fall may not have all the drama of an Asia autumn, but it also doesn’t have the threat of...


Snapshots of My Summer at UCLA

Coming to America from Hunan University in China, SAF Scholar Zhiwei Xu captures the highlights of his summer abroad at UCLA.

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Academic Performance at UC Berkeley

From Southeast University, SAF Summer Correspondent Jingzi Zhou is chronicling her experience at University of California, Berkeley.